Our Pregnancy story

This is a special story for our family and close to our hearts as this journey has had it’s up and downs. It’s definitely not gone the way we planned, but are grateful for the way the Lord has guided us through it. I always dreamed of being a mother one day and it has always been a desire of mine. I trusted God with His perfect timing, but this journey did not go as we expected it to.

In July 2021, we had found out we were pregnant and weren’t trying. We were so excited and nervous and didn’t know how we felt about it. At the time, we had talked about being married another couple years before having children and it wasn’t in our plan, but God had a greater plan. When we found out at the doctors they confirmed I was 6 weeks along. I had started to feel some pregnancy symptoms, but didn’t feel very pregnant. I had an ultrasound scheduled for 8/9 weeks with expectations that everything would be just fine. When we went into that appointment with hopeful hearts, we got the worst news we possibly could and it turned into a really tragic day. The midwife did an ultrasound and really had a hard time finding the baby and heartbeat so she sent me to an ultrasound tech at the hospital. As we went through this ultrasound, the tech was very quiet and we kept wondering what was going on. We later got a call that day from the midwife, saying that they found a gestational sac that was measuring 6 weeks but they found no heartbeat. At the moment time stood still as we processed the fact that we had lost our baby and were going to have a miscarriage. My midwife told me to wait for sure to do anything to make sure I wasn’t behind with dating the baby’s age as that can happen. So we cried and mourned as we thought we were losing our baby but we were also hopeful that maybe this wouldn’t be our story. A few days later, I started bleeding and at that moment I knew….our baby was gone. The following weekend, my younger sister was coming into town to go to hershey park with us and I thought I would be fine by this point. This is when it got worse, while at the park that day I had several contractions that were worse than period cramps and felt terrible, but I pushed through the day. The pain started to get worse and as I sat at the starbucks in the park watching the last roller coaster that my husband and sister rode I felt terrible pain and ran to the restroom. That was the moment I had truly lost our baby. So not only was I in so much physical pain but I also was experiencing the worst emotional pain I have ever felt. I truly didn’t know I wanted to be a mom till after experiencing all of this.

After going through lots of grieving and time to process our emotions, I met with a reproductive endocrinologist who did some tests on me. They found that I had a uterine anomaly called a uterine septum. It’s basically a formation to the top of the uterus that makes it hard for a baby to survive and have enough room in there. Thankfully through all of the testing, I was able to have a surgery performed called a hysteroscopy to fix my uterus. So we decided to go ahead with the surgery in late February of 2022. The surgery was successful and I was cleared.

Grief is a really difficult thing to go through and both my husband and I were still processing all of the emotions. We wanted to still have children but were scared of having them to go through a similar situation like we did before. We had to trust God, especially me.

God’s timing is perfect…

We were building a house in 2022 and it was finally finished in August 2022. I had also gone through some mental health issues in June of 2022 that I needed to work out through counseling etc. I remember praying and talking to God in September 2022 and just giving him my desire to have kids. Fast forward to late September and a couple days before my monthly cycle came, I decided to take a test….that test was negative but I decided to not give up hope. I took another test on the day my monthly cycle was supposed to come and it was positive!! I got so excited but was also still in disbelief that it had happened, but two days later I took another one and it was positive again! I was so incredibly excited and I told Corbin the first time I got the positive test and he got so excited after I confirmed it for sure the following two days. We both knew that it was God’s timing and continued to pray for a healthy pregnancy.

The first few two months were scary for us at first and we didn’t feel connected to the baby because of our prior loss. We continued to have faith and hope and trust God and pray lots. Every appointment went so well and the baby had a strong heartbeat since week 6. Fast forward we finally got to week 11 and had a great ultrasound and our baby was doing so well. Once we finally reached 20 weeks, it became very real to my husband and I that we were having a baby and it was very healthy….oh and we found out we were having a girl!! We are now 27 weeks and we can’t wait to meet our little baby girl in June!


Swim with dolphins in Orlando, FL-Discovery Cove

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to swim with dolphins?! You can experience this one of a kind unique adventure at Discovery Cove in Orlando, FL. I’m here to share all the details with you all about our personal experience and also share some inside pictures as well.

We had the opportunity to partner with Discovery Cove in August 2022 and it was an experience we will never forget!

What is Discovery Cove

Discovery Cove is a water theme park in correlation with Seaworld in Orlando, FL. It’s an immersive aquatic experience where you can enjoy swimming with Dolphins, Sting Rays, Sharks, and also explore their many daily activities including a natural lazy river and several encounters with wildlife and aquatic creatures. It’s an all inclusive day resort which means your food and snacks are all included in your price for admission.

What you will experience

There is so much to do and see at Discovery Cove and there are several ways to enjoy it. We got to experience a cabana overlooking the dolphin bay and I cannot recommend a cabana enough for a family. The cabana is an upgrade but it includes a private cabana with chairs, a hammock, a cooler stocked with drinks, a personal locker to store things, and a butler to bring you drinks throughout the day.

You can enjoy several different activities throughout the day including swimming with fish and rays, swimming in several different pools and a natural lazy river which was one of our favorite things to do, visit wildlife including birds, otters, and several other encounters, and enjoy food and lots of snacks throughout the day. For a slight up charge you can experience and up close and personal dolphin swim encounter which I highly recommend adding as this was our favorite part of our day. You can also upgrade and swim with sharks or do the Seaventure experience which is a unique underwater experience where you get to walk on the sea level and interact with fish and other aquatic creatures.

Dolphin Experience

This one of a kind experience is worth the extra cost and make sure to have someone who can snap some photos of you as they don’t allow you to take your phones with you or you can purchase some of the photos they take as well. During this 1 hour experience you get to meet a dolphin or two up close and personal. We got to touch the dolphin several times and swim with it as well and see several tricks. I’ve always dreamed of doing this as a kid and was it an amazing experience.

Admission cost and add ons

They have a special discounted price right now for a full day at the resort plus a swim with the dolphins for $239 per person! This is the best bang for your buck as it includes the whole park plus the dolphin swim. It’s $201 per person for a regular admission day pass. You can also add on other parks like aquatica or Seaworld if you like. Seaventure the underwater experience costs $49.99 per person to add on. You can swim with sharks for an extra $169 per person for the day. The Cabanas start at $299 for the day and go up from there including upgrades etc. The photo packages start at $99 for the day.

This really is a unique and one of a kind experience and I can’t recommend it enough while visiting Orlando, FL with your family!


Hilton Downtown Tampa

Looking for a great place to stay when you visit downtown Tampa?! One of our favorites as a couple is the Hilton Downtown. We had the privilege to stay at the Hilton Downtown Tampa last weekend and had such a blast! Our favorite part was the city views from the rooftop pool and the delicious gourmet food at the 211 Lounge and restaurant.


This four star hotel has beautiful rooms with great views of the city. We stayed in the king size room which had a full king size bed, sitting area by the window with a couch and a desk, a mini fridge and dresser, full length mirror, closet, spacious bathroom, and a tv with streaming availability. The best part of this room was the beautiful city views.


They offer several amenities including a rooftop pool and bar, a gym, a lounge area in the lobby with a gift shop, a full lounge and restaurant for dinner as well as a restaurant for breakfast and lunch, and a full starbucks. They also offer vale parking and can hold events in their conference rooms available.


The food is always a highlight for us and the 211 restaurant and lounge did not disappoint. We enjoyed the most amazing dinner menu items complete with mocktails and dessert. I ordered their pork chop which was to die for with the most amazing flavors and tenderness. Corbin ordered a burger which also had amazing flavor complete with herb fries. Corbin got to try a special basque cheesecake that was so amazing and I got to try some of their raspberry sorbet. Everything was so flavorful and delicious. For breakfast, they offer a continental breakfast or a full menu breakfast where you can order made to order omelets, avocado toast, and belgium waffles. We tried some of both and it was very delicious. We especially loved the omelets!


It’s located right in the heart of downtown within a short walk to the River Walk. It’s also within walking distance to the Museum of Art, Amalie Arena, Convention Center, and Tampa Theatre, and a short drive or street car ride away from the Florida Aquarium. You can easily access the street car which will take you anywhere downtown Tampa.

Things to do

There are so many different activities in the downtown Tampa area from restaurants, to events, to shops, to fun activities. Some of our favorite activities are Zoo Tampa and the Florida Aquarium both within driving distance. We also recommend Yacht Starships to experience their dinner cruise. The Tampa theatre is within walking distance as well as the museum of art. The riverwalk is also close by and is always hosting different events as well.


Wyndham Grand Orlando Resort

We had the opportunity this past weekend to be hosted at the Wyndham Grand Orlando Resort located on Bonnet Creek. This resort needs to be at the top of your list to stay in Orlando and I’m sharing why below and our favorite parts from our stay.

We had the opportunity this past weekend to be hosted at the Wyndham Grand Orlando Resort located on Bonnet Creek. This resort needs to be at the top of your list to stay in Orlando and I’m sharing why below and our favorite parts from our stay.

The Resort

This resort is located less than 5 miles from Walt Disney World Resort and offers 62 acres of fun and enjoyment. When you book with the Wyndham Grand Orlando you get access to five different pools, two lazy rivers, and eight hot tubs. Two of the pools have water slides for kids. They also offer access to an 18 hole mini golf course and access to four Walt Disney World golf courses. There are a bunch of walkway paths and views of the lake.


They have several different rooms including a couple with bunk beds for kids. Our spacious king room had a living area, full king sized bed, tv, dresser, coffee bar with a mini fridge, closet, and full bathroom with a walk in shower. Our favorite part was the balcony out the back where you get a view of the pool area and the Epcot fireworks every night at 9 pm.


They have four onsite restaurants at the resort and several more on the surrounding Club Wyndham property. They offer two places for breakfast including the Tesoro Cove which is a buffet style breakfast with an omelet and waffle station as well as the Bistro which offers the full starbucks coffee menu and quick on the go breakfast items. Both offered plenty of allergy friendly options for me. For lunch, they have a restaurant called Back Bay which is located right by the pool area and has amazing salads, sandwiches, burgers, and appetizers. Their main dinner restaurant is the Deep Blue Seafood and was absolutely amazing! They have a wide range of seafood selections offered here and amazing views of the sunset. They also offer room service dinning all day.

Additional Ammenities

Some of their extra amenities include shuttles to Disney World Parks, free self parking, fitness center, lots of beautiful walkways and swings to look out over the lake, arcade, gift shop, bell service, concierge service, and an ATM.

There is so much to do and see here at this resort and it’s a great place to relax especially between Disney parks. We highly recommend checking them out for your next stay in Orlando. It is truly an unforgettable experience! Follow us for more Florida couples travel and adventures.


Embassy Suites Downtown Tampa

We had the opportunity to partner with Embassy Suites Downtown Tampa for a hosted stay this past weekend and had the best time. It was our first time in downtown Tampa and we loved it! There is so much to do and see in Tampa and we are sharing all of the details about our stay and places to visit while in Tampa.

We had the opportunity to partner with Embassy Suites Downtown Tampa for a hosted stay this past weekend and had the best time. It was our first time in downtown Tampa and we loved it! There is so much to do and see in Tampa and we are sharing all of the details about our stay and best places to visit while in Tampa.


Embassy Suites is a beautiful hotel made up of all suites. We got to stay in the King Suite and it was so gorgeous. All of their rooms have a full living room area with a couch, chairs, desk area, and a tv. They also have a full length mirror and a small kitchen area with a fridge, microwave, sink and storage for food. Their bathrooms are super spacious with a walk in shower. Each suite is complete with a comfy bed, window with a view of the bay, and another tv.


Some of our favorite amenities include their beautiful heated pool with a view, Starbucks shop, complimentary breakfast, and Taste their full restaurant. The complimentary breakfast was amazing and complete with an omelet station. The best complimentary breakfast we’ve ever had. We also loved having a Starbucks to grab our coffee both mornings before heading out on our adventures.


Taste is their full restaurant that has some delicious food. We got to try items from their upcoming summer lunch menu and it was amazing! So many great flavors and they also made all of the dishes gluten and dairy free for me. My favorite was the plantain cups that had fish, avocado, and spices in it. Corbin’s favorite was definitely the ahi nachos and bread pudding. Sharing some photos below of all of the delicious food.


The Embassy Suites Downtown Tampa is connected to the convention center and conveniently located near the Amalie Arena, River Walk, Sparkman Wharf, and the Aquarium. The street car stops right in front of the hotel as well for easy access to different places in downtown Tampa.

Things to do

There are so many different activities in the downtown Tampa area from restaurants, to events, to shops, to fun activities. We got to enjoy Zoo Tampa and the Florida Aquarium while visiting and both are such fun activities! We also got to sail with Yacht Starships and experience their dinner cruise. The riverwalk is also close by and is always hosting different events.


The Karol Hotel

Looking for a great quiet place to stay In Clearwater, FL as a couple? We have your back and are sharing all of the details on this gorgeous hotel below. We had the opportunity this past weekend to be hosted by The Karol Hotel located in Clearwater, FL and we had a great time. This has been one of my favorite stays so far.

The hotel is located in Clearwater about 30 minutes from Clearwater beach and 30 minutes from St. Pete. It’s about 15 minutes from the Tampa International Airport as well. This stunning hotel is a AAA Four Diamond hotel has an elegant and modern look to it with beautiful rooms and lots of amenities. Those amenities include a lobby bar and restaurant, rooftop bar, resort-style pool, a fitness center and a beautiful event space for conferences and weddings. One of our favorite things about the hotel is even though it was busy, it didn’t feel too busy and was nice and quiet.

The restaurant is amazing and has the most delicious and decadent food. They were also excellent with my food allergies as well. I got the Salmon Cedar Plank dish and Corbin got the Filet Mignon. Both were very delicious entrees with lots of flavor. We also got to try a Charcuterie Board for the first time and it was amazing. The dessert was Corbin’s favorite part! He got a cookie dessert with ice cream and whipped cream and they even brought me some sorbet. I highly recommend dining at their restaurant while you visit.

The staff was all very friendly and they had great customer service.

We loved that the hotel was only 30 minutes from Sand Key Beach which is one of our favorite beaches to visit while there. We would love to go back and visit again soon and would highly recommend that you check out The Karol Hotel for a nice quiet couples getaway!

Follow us along as we share more destinations and things to do in Florida for couples!


Disney World Parks Complete Guide

As many of you know, we are huge Disney fans as are many people we know. We continuously get questions about our favorite restaurants, rides and things to do in Disney. We have season passes so we go about once to twice a month. I figured it was time to share a complete guide to Disney. We will share our favorite highlights from each park in this post. Stay tuned for a specific blog post on each park that will go into more details. If you travel like we do, we love to have the best recommendations from people, especially from people who go all of the time. I realize that some people like to use vacation and travel guides for their trips and that is totally okay to do, but just wanted to provide another way to share the must see and things to do there from going often.

Magic Kingdom

Let’s start with the top favorite park! First of all would say that if you can plan a trip in the off seasons it’s the best time and also if you are able to go during the week, that is best too. Off seasons are January-February, September-October. I would also avoid going when they have special events if you can and aren’t going for that. You’re going to want to download the Disney app and make sure to link your tickets etc. Also, Genie+ will come in handy for any of the really big attractions, but I think if you do Magic Kingdom two days you can cover all the rides without Genie+. Also, another way around the really long lines on rides like Mine Train, Rise of Resistance, Slinky Dog, and Passage of Flight would be to get there for rope drop which is 30-40 minutes before the park opens. We also have often waited in those lines right before park closes and the lines have seemed less then. Now onto the fun part our favorite rides, restaurants, and things to do.


Big Thunder Mountain (this one is fun and a coaster, so I think you have to be a certain height for this)

Pirates of the Caribbean (great ride for anyone, just be careful about lifting your feet under the seats, I lost a toenail one time doing that)

Seven Dwarf Mine Train (would be smart to get a Genie+ for this one or go first thing in the morning once rope drops)

Space Mountain (this is a fav for most adults, honestly not my fav cause it’s jerky, but has a cool vibe)

Buzz Lightyear (we love this one and usually the line is a shorter wait)

Peter Pan’s Flight (this is a great kids one and is nostalgic to me)

Jungle Cruise (this one is often glossed over, but is such a fun ride and they’ve updated it)

Splash Mountain (you have to do it once, but honestly not my fav, I always get soaked)

Under the Sea (this one is Ariel’s journey and is fun)

These would be the one’s I would recommend the most at the park. They have several others for young kids like Winnie the Pooh, which unashamedly I like. My absolute favorite ride at Magic Kingdom would have to be Big Thunder Mountain and Corbin’s favorite is Mine Train.

Food Places

There are so many great places for food at Disney but I wanted to share our favorites and also the most affordable and GF friendly ones.

Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe (has great mexican type food, they are always great with my allergies and have great prices)

Be our Guest (this is obviously more on the expensive side, but has amazing food and a great atmosphere)

Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe (one of my favorite quick places in Magic Kingdom, they do a great job with GF/DF options and have a great menu)

Aloha Isle (I love the dole whip here, definitely need to try it out)

Animal Kingdom

This is my absolute favorite park at Disney World. I love all of the animals, rides, and trees. It’s a really beautiful park. Most of the time animal kingdom is the first park that closes at Disney so you want to get there earlier in the day. The only ride you might want a Genie + pass for is Flight of passage, but besides that it’s not necessary for the rest of the park. Flight of passage usually has a long wait, but if you get in when the rope drops or wait till the end of the day you can just wait in regular stand by line. It’s so worth the wait!


Flight of Passage (this is my favorite ride at any of the parks and is so much fun)

Everest (probably my second favorite ride at Disney, this is a fast coaster that goes forwards/backwards)

Kilimanjaro Safari (this is a great one for kids and so much fun seeing all of the animals)

The Lion King Show (you need to make sure to see this show! It’s so good!)

Dinosaur (this one isn’t too bad of a ride, it’s just really jerky, but if you have a kid who likes dinos then definitely check it out)

I also love their Gorilla trail and all of the other animals you can see on their trails near the Safari ride. Make sure to grab photos at sunset in the tree. There is a trail to go up in the tree at Animal Kingdom that is right next to the stroller spot for It’s tough to be a bug and it’s such a pretty trail and a good quiet photo spot. Corbin and I’s both favorite ride at Animal Kingdom is Flight of Passage.


Animal Kingdom has some good places to eat. They are more limited but Avatar World is definitely the place to hit up for good food in Animal Kingdom.

Satu’li Canteen (by far my favorite in Animal Kingdom, they make these delicious buddha type bowls and they are so good for GF/DF allergies.

Flame Tree Barbecue (has great barbecue and very good with allergies)

Besides those two I would recommend hoping on over to Disney Springs. I’m sharing my favorite restaurants and things to do in Disney Springs in another post coming soon!

Hollywood Studios

This park is a lot of fun and filled with a lot of rides, especially for your older kids with Star War’s Galaxy Edge. This is Corbin’s favorite park because he is the biggest Star Wars fan! You’ll definitely want to make sure you have Genie + for the bigger attractions, unless you’re a passholder. Rise of Resistance is always pretty long and slinky dog dash as well.


Rise of Resistance (this is a must and so much fun! It’s very realistic too)

Toy Story Mania (this is a really unique and fun ride, great for any age)

Millennium Falcon (this is also a great one with a lot of action and fun)

Slinky Dog Dash (this is a coaster, but definitely fun for kids too)

Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railroad (I haven’t rode this one yet, but keep hearing good things about it)

Rock n Roller Coaster (this is a fun fast paced roller coaster in the dark)

Tower of Terror (Corbin and I don’t like this one and never ride it, but a lot of people really enjoy it.)


Backlot Express (this is great for a quick meal and will be affordable too, they have lots of GF/DF options)

Sci-Fi Dine in Theatre (this is definitely more pricey but is such a neat experience)

Ronto Roasters (this was recommended by family)

50’s Prime Time Cafe (also a really cool experience, but higher priced food)

Olga’s Cantina (you need to get the blue milk here, it’s not a food place but has amazing drinks in Galaxy’s Edge)


If you want really great food and a unique around the world experience then Epcot is your place to go. They are always adding new restaurants here too. We haven’t tried a couple of them, but will share all our favorites and others as well. You might want to consider Genie + for Test Track and a couple of those bigger rides on a busy day, but should be fine with the waits for most of the rides.


Frozen (I have yet to ride it, but hear great things)

Test Track (this is a really fun one and unique)

Soarin (you need to ride this one at Epcot, it’s such an amazing ride)

Remy’s Ratatouille (this one is super cute and different, definitely wait to get in line at the end of the day)

Mission Space (there are two versions of this ride, one that spins and one that doesn’t. I always ride the one that doesn’t)

Living with the land (this one is surprisingly cool to see especially around Christmas time)


Food is the highlight at Epcot and you have so much to choose from! Some of my favorites and allergy friendly places below. Don’t forget to check out Food and Wine festival and the flower festival as well.

La Cantina De Sangel (has great mexican food, they don’t have as many options for allergies though, but have some)

San Angel Inn Restaurant (is a fancier sit down but has great mexican food and great with allergies)

Space 220 (is a new restaurant and I have not visited yet, but have heard amazing reviews about it)

Tangierine Cafe (has moroccan food, not sure about allergy options here as I haven’t eaten here since)

There are so many other restaurants I haven’t tried yet in Epcot. I do know they have a couple of Italian restaurants that offer allergy friendly options too.

Hope you all enjoyed this guide and let me know in the comments if I missed any restaurants. Let me know which rides are your favorites too. I am going to share my Disney Springs Guide in the next couple of weeks. I hope that you all enjoy your visits at Disney and let me know if you have questions and be sure to follow me and check back for more travel guides on my blog, instagram, and Tik Tok (@autumnmturner).


Wyndham I Drive Stay & Icon Park

Orlando is one of our top favorite cities we love visiting in FL and we visit about twice a month. It’s such a beautiful area and filled with so many different fun activities. We are here to help you know where to stay and what things you need to do and see when visiting Orlando as a couple. This last weekend we had the privilege of being hosted by the Wyndham I-drive and Icon Park. We got to explore more of the Orlando area and had a blast getting to enjoy our weekend getaway. We wanted to share a recap of our trip and why we think you should start planning your next couples getaway there soon!

Wyndham I-Drive

The Wyndham I-drive is right in the heart of Orlando on I-Drive one of the highlights in Orlando. I-Drive is filled with so many restaurants, attractions, and things to do. The Wyndham I-Drive is also a five minute walk to Icon Park which is home of The Wheel (used to be the Orlando eye). The Wydham I-Drive is a beautiful and quaint resort that has two pools, lagoons, gardens, a cafe serving Starbucks, a full restaurant that serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner and a hot tub. We got to stay in the Executive suite and the room was absolutely beautiful! It had a full king sized bed, a living space, dining room, three balconies, a mini kitchen with coffee maker, sink and refrigerator, a full sized bathroom with a walk in shower and an extra half bathroom in the front of the suite. It has plenty of space for three people to stay and to relax when visiting Orlando. The resort is an 8 minute drive to Universal, a 20-25 minute drive to Disney, and a 3 minute drive to Icon Park.

There are two pools and a hot tub to enjoy with their restaurant Gatorville that is perfect to grab lunch or dinner.

What we loved most about our stay is that it was close by to Icon Park and also easy access to so many different places on I-drive and the Orlando area. Their customer service is top of the line and everyone on staff was super friendly to us. We can’t wait to go back and visit again soon!

You can save 20% off by using the link below to book your trip at their best rate, no minimum nights required!

Icon Park

Icon Park needs to be at the top of your list for attractions to visit in Orlando. Icon Park is home to The Wheel. The Wheel (previously known as the Orlando eye) takes you up in an air conditioned ride 400 feet above Orlando with the most amazing views. Icon Park is also home to the Museum of Illusions which is filled with several fun illusions and photo opportunities. There were so many fun attractions there to check out! It makes the perfect day trip activity for a date or a long weekend away. You definitely want to grab the play pass which includes 7 different attractions and discounts at restaurants and stores. It’s good for 30 days too so you can always go back and see more! The play pass includes: The Wheel, Museum of Illusions, Sealife, Madame Tusades Wax Museum, 7D Motion Game, Orlando Starflyer, and Pearl Express. We loved The Wheel, Museum of Illusions, and Sealife. The Wheel takes you up 450 feet about Orlando and you can see everything and the views are stunning! The Museum of Illusions was one of our favorites as there was so much to do and see at this museum. They had a ton of photo opportunities and fun activities that make you laugh. Sea Life was also so cool to see as well. It was a full aquarium and had a ton of fish, turtles, sharks, jellyfish, salamanders, and other marine life to see. Our favorite was the Salamanders. They also have gift shops in both Sea Life and Museum of Illusions as well as a full market place to grab food at during your adventure.

We definitely had a blast and this would be such a fun day date for couples who live in the area or are visiting Orlando. Check out more on my instagram and Tik Tok. You can save over 50% off right now on the play pass too. I linked it here for you all and make sure to check out their page for more info! Also make sure to follow us here on our blog and social accounts for more FL couples travel and adventures.


Weekend Travel Guide-St. Pete, Florida

We got to do a quick over night trip to St. Petersburg, FL recently and I wanted to share a recap of our visit. I am highlighting the two beaches we visited as well as restaurants we tried along with some recommended restaurants.

Where we Stayed

Since this trip was last minute, we decided to go with a small studio Airbnb. I would recommend when booking a stay in St. Pete to book in advance especially if you’re going the Airbnb route. There are also several resorts and hotels in the area including the famous Don Cesar which is beautiful. We are going to be sharing a hotel in Tampa next month so we should have a better idea on places to stay.

Beaches in the area

There are several beaches in the area. The two that were recommended from locals was Madeira Beach and North Beach Fort De Soto. Out of the two North Beach was our favorite. We went on a Saturday so it was busy, but it’s more secluded than the other beaches and it’s great for swimming too.


There are so many great restaurants there but listing the ones we tried which were all amazing and some other recommendations that are accommodating for allergies.

Oak and Stone Pizzeria (best pizza I’ve ever had)

2nd and Second Brunch (really great brunch, lots of allergy friendly options)

Bandit Coffee Co (great coffee and breakfast, not too much allergy friendly foods)

Fresh Kitchen (great lunch option)

Bellabrava (supposed to have great Italian and lots of allergy friendly options)

Red Mesa Cantina (supposed to be great mexican)

Paciugo Gelato (the most amazing gelato, dairy free options too!)

The Library (cool spot for brunch or lunch)

Things to do:

There are so many things to do in the local area. They have a huge downtown that we didn’t even get to explore half of it. There are tons of shops, restaurants, art galleries, museums downtown to explore and of course the beach.

We absolutely loved our short trip there and plan to go back and checkout more in the area. We hope this helps you get started when visiting the area there. We will be sharing more guides for different places throughout FL this year so make sure to follow us along on here and on our instagram & Tik Tok @autumnmturner.


Kayaking at Rainbow Springs

One of the most underrated activities in FL is going kayaking at the many springs. We had the opportunity to go kayaking in January and it was a blast. It was such a calm and peaceful experience to soak in nature. I figured this activity deserved it’s own blog post. We partnered with Get up and go kayak to do a clear bottom kayak tour and I’m going to share the details below as well as pictures.

There are many springs throughout FL and I listed some below that I’ve visited personally. Also be on the lookout for a full post on Silver Springs in a few weeks.

Silver Springs

Rainbow Springs

Blue Springs

Rainbow Springs is absolutely beautiful. It is a state park located in Dunedin, FL and can be visited any time between sunrise and sunset. The admission is $2 for the state park. There are lots of walk ways and tons of things to see including birds and other wildlife. If you want to go swimming or kayaking you have to go further up the road to key hole and park there. This is where we met our tour guide Josh from Get up and Go Kayak.

When you sign up with get up and go kayak they have a full experience waiting for you that is worth the $64 price to go kayaking. All of their boats have a clear bottom and all of their tours include a guide as well. At Rainbow springs you get a truly unique experience where you get to get out of the kayak and go walking in part of the spring. The water is so clear and beautiful and you are surrounded by so many pretty trees.

Keep in mind you will get wet and to wear your swimsuit for this tour. It might be good to pack a waterproof case for your iphone too. You also see lots of wildlife including birds, turtles, and other wildlife, but thankfully no gators.

You kayak up and down part of the river and swim in part of it. We highly suggest taking the afternoon tour at 3 as you get to enjoy a beautiful sunset as you’re wrapping up your tour.

Follow us along here and on our instagram and Tik Tok @autumnmturner for more FL travel adventures and trips as we are focusing on exploring more of FL in 2022.


Top Three Favorite Unique Date Nights

If you’ve been around here for a little while you know we love our date nights. It’s so important to us to take time away from life and focus on our relationship together. Date night doesn’t have to be a big extravagant thing, it can be simple or a big surprise. Corbin and I think it’s important that you include a little bit of both the simple date nights and the fun extravagant date nights. Follow our page for more FL Travel Guides and Couple’s date night ideas.

Breakfast/Brunch Dates

We love grabbing breakfast/brunch somewhere together and it can be anytime of day. Our favorite spots in Ocala, FL are The Gathering Cafe, First Watch, and Symmetry Coffee. Finding a local place makes it special and you get to enjoy food together.

The Great Outdoors

We love adventuring together outdoors and in FL that is almost year round. We love biking, hiking, going to the beach and kayaking. You could also do snow shoeing, snowboarding, or skiing if you live in a colder climate during the winter. All of these activities are filled with fun and adventure. One of our most recent favorite outdoor activities was kayaking on Rainbow Springs here in Ocala, FL. There is so much to see when kayaking the springs and it’s also very peaceful.

Visiting a zoo or aquarium

Most big cities have a zoo or aquarium and are within driving distance. Make it a day trip and grab lunch on the road and visit your favorite zoo or aquarium. We haven’t visited the zoo or aquarium here in Ocala, FL but when we lived in PA we often visited the DC Zoo together or the Baltimore Aquarium. Orlando has several aquariums and they also have the Central FL Zoo. Those are on our list next to check out.

These are just a few of our favorite date nights. We will be sharing Valentine’s Date Night Ideas next week and more FL travel tips and guides throughout this year! Make sure to follow us along on this journey.


Gift Guide for Her

My favorite time of year is finally here! I love the Christmas season with all of the lights, fun, and family time. I wanted to give you all a gift guide for the women in your life, whether mom, sister, wife, or daughters. These are some of my favorite things on my current list. Use this link below to shop at Pink Lily and code Autumn15 at Grace and Lace for 15% off!


Cozy Sweaters, Coats, and Casual Outfits

Dressy Outfits


Beauty/Make up

Use code: Autumnturner for 15% off!

Hoping this helps get you started shopping for the Holiday season! Stay tuned for more gift guides coming next week!


Travel Guide to Cocoa Beach, FL

Cocoa Beach, FL is one of my favorite places to visit. Growing up in high school and college, we would visit there every spring break with my family and it was always a blast. My parents now live 20 minutes from there and I get to visit often. I wanted to share some of my top favorite spots to visit there including my favorite restaurants, places to stay and things to do in the area.


There are so many different restaurants in the Cocoa Beach area, but here are some of my favorites.

Sunset Grille-has great views and good food

Squid Lips-this is my favorite one, has great views, live music, great cocktails and amazing food! My favorite dish is the grilled shrimp with green beans and fries.

Coconuts on the beach-if you’re looking for a fried seafood place and great lunch spot with beach views this is your place. They also have a large selection of cocktails.

Frigate’s-technically this restaurant is not in Cocoa Beach but it’s only about 20 minutes from Cocoa Beach and you don’t want to miss this place. It sits on the river with a beautiful view and amazing seafood! I love the mahi and the hog fish with the sweet potato fries.

Long Doggers-another great place for lunch or more of a casual dinner. They have a lot of delicious sandwiches and fried seafood as well here. My favorite is the grilled mahi on a gluten free bun with fries.

Pineapples-is a new place that just opened up and although I haven’t tried it yet. My parents said it’s got amazing food and they also have live music and dancing.

Tiny Turtle-I haven’t eaten here before, but it’s listed as one of the best restaurants in Cocoa Beach and they have a great breakfast.

Fat Donkey-this is a must have stop for dessert. They have some of the best ice cream and they have a bunch of non dairy ice cream and it is the best I’ve ever had anywhere.

There are so many more places, but these are just a few of my favorites!

Things to Do

There are so many different things to do in Cocoa Beach since it’s a vacation spot. I listed some of my favorites.

Mini Golf at either the Lighthouse Cove Golf or Gator Golf

The Pier/Beach

The Space Center

Ron Jon Surf Shop and Downtown Cocoa


Disney is only a short hour drive

Places to stay

I have not stayed in many of the resorts or condos as my family always went to one resort. But I’m going to share the top ones along with our favorite resort growing up.

Cocoa Beach Resort-this is the resort we always stayed at and loved! It has a great pool with a waterfall and volleyball net. They also have basketball courts, tennis courts, and beach access. The rooms are beautiful as you can get an ocean view room. Also, we loved that they had a ton of activities as well including movie nights.

Hilton Cocoa Beach Oceanfront

Discovery Beach Resort

Crowne Plaza in Melbourne

Beachside Hotel and Suites

Holiday Inn Club Vacation

Cocoa Beach, FL is definitely a fun and great family destination with a lot to do there. I hope this helps in planning your next trip to Cocoa Beach. Let me know in the comments if I missed any great places. I will be sharing more travel guides with you all in the next couple of weeks.


30A FL Travel Guide

My husband’s family and I traveled to Panama City, FL area recently and had a blast. I wanted to share where we stayed, the things we did, and the restaurants we ate at. The Gulf side of FL is a must see spot and is a great vacation spot.

My husband’s family and I traveled to Panama City, FL area recently and had a blast. I wanted to share where we stayed, the things we did, and the restaurants we ate at. The Gulf side of FL is a must see spot and is a great vacation spot.

Where we stayed:

We stayed in a Condo right on the beach in the Laguna Beach area and my in laws found it on VRBO. I will link it here for you all, but Airbnb and VRBO have a bunch of condos and houses that are right on the beach to stay in. I would aim to find one close to Panama City for affordable options but would not recommend staying in Panama City since it is not as nice of an area.

Things to do:

There are so many things to do in that area. The beach is beautiful and really clear. We even saw some sting rays and crabs in the ocean while we were there. It would be fun to get some snorkeling gear so you could use for it. Definitely check out downtown Seaside, FL there are a ton of shops and food trucks there as well as live movies in the amphitheater. I also love all of the cute buildings which are perfect to capture some gorgeous shots. Don’t forget to visit the 30A store and Seaside store for cute gifts and clothes. We also ate ice cream at a cute gelato shop called Heavenly’s Shortcakes.

Rosemary and Alys beach are both close by too. Rosemary Beach is absolutely gorgeous! The streets remind me of a town in Italy and there are also a ton of shops and restaurants here. There is also a great coffee shop called Amavida and I got a non dairy cookie dough latte there. You can also bike in Rosemary, Aly’s Beach, and Seaside. They have several places to rent bikes.


We ate at a couple really great restaurants while we were there. I am going to include the ones we ate at as well as some other recommended restaurants.

George’s in Alys Beach:

The food was amazing here and the atmosphere was great! They have indoor and outdoor seating. Inside is a little loud, so if you are looking for a quieter setting I recommend sitting outside. Make sure you get there early to put your name on their waitlist too. I got the Jerk Crusted Gulf Snapper and it was amazing and they made it for me gluten and dairy free! My husband and his parents got the Shrimp plate which you can get grilled or fried. They also have a wide selection of drinks to choose from.

Old Florida Fish House:

If you want an amazing atmosphere then this will be a must on your list of restaurants to visit. Most of their seating is outdoors and it’s lined with market lights and beautiful plants. The food is also amazing. I did have a hard time finding something dairy free on the menu, but they were willing to make me a grouper with french fries and green beans. I had a really delicious watermelon cocktail. They also have live music and events on the weekends and can accommodate for special events. There are a ton of places to take pictures there and there is the cutest coffee shop/wine bar next door that is on our list for next time.

Crackings in Grove Garden:

This is a must stop for brunch food. They have live music and the most delicious brunch food. They had a lot of options for my allergies including gluten free pancakes. I went with the scramble though since the pancakes do have dairy in them. They also have outdoor and indoor seating. Make sure you put yourself on the wait list before you arrive since they do have a long wait on the weekends.

Other restaurants to visit

Cuvee 30A (Rosemary Beach

Pescado (Rosemary Beach)

The Citizen (Aly’s Beach)

Great Southern Cafe (Seaside)

Seaside Food Trucks ( lots of different food to choose from here)

Havana (Rosemary Beach)

Bud and Alley’s (Seaside)


Date night ideas for home

Since we are all spending more time at home now and I’ve had several questions regarding date night ideas at home. I compiled some of our favorites along with some ideas we are planning on trying this year.

Since we are all spending more time at home now and I’ve had several questions regarding date night ideas at home. I compiled some of our favorites along with some ideas we are planning on trying this year.

Spa Night

Back in April we decided to do a spa night. So we got a bubble bath ready, put on some relaxing music and put candles in our bathroom. We also gave each other a back massage. It was a great way to relax during a crazy season and a great way to spend time together since we weren’t able to go to a real spa.

Dinner and a movie in

Since we can’t really go to the movies right now, this one is a favorite of ours. We pick out a movie we want to watch and make a special dinner. Pop some popcorn and maybe bake some cookies and enjoy a movie night. To add some extra fun, try building a blanket fort around your TV. We did this during quarantine and it was great!

Car Picnic/Picnic in your backyard

This one is great for spring/summer nights. Several times in April and May we went to Chick Fil A and even our favorite pizza place in Frederick, MD and ordered to go food. We set up a blanket in the trunk of our car and ate our food together. You can also do this in your backyard during the nice warm days and make your own food for it.

Board Game Night

We love this one even when we aren’t in quarantine. We pick out a couple different board games, grab some snacks and play. It makes for some fun healthy competition. We even did this via zoom with my family too. Check out my other post on board games here.

Blind folded baker/ Bake off

We love baking in our house, but haven’t done this one yet. We plan on trying this one ASAP. You can blind fold your significant other and then bake something together, helping them with the baking.

Bowling in your hallway/mini golf at home

These two ideas are next on our lists to try. There are actual home bowling sets/mini golf sets you can find on amazon or you can make it fun and come up with stuff yourself. For bowling you can use plastic cups as the pins and a rubber ball for the bowling ball.

Star Gaze/ Bonfire with Smore’s

We love being outdoors in the evening during spring and fall. Grab yourself a blanket and some snacks and star gaze together. During the fall, we love using our bonfire outside and enjoying some Smore’s.

Coffee Tasting Night

If you love coffee this one will be fun! Grab some different samples of coffee and blind fold each other and try to guess the flavoring. Enjoy some biscotti or cookies during the process.

I hope that these date night ideas help you all during this time we are at home. Let me know in the comments if you all come up with some other fun ideas.

Baby Girl Turner’s Nursery Reveal

We have officially reached 38 weeks and I can’t believe how fast this pregnancy has gone by! We can’t wait for the arrival of our sweet little girl and to be parents! We are excited to go on many adventures with her and show her some of our favorite places to visit in FL! I wanted to share her nursery details with you all and share some of the items we picked for her and why.

We decided to go with a princess theme for the nursery. It has some touches of Disney Princesses along with some fun Princess decor items. I got some of the design ideas from google and really ran with the idea. Several of these items were on my registry list as well too. We wanted a princess theme since she is our princess and most importantly she is God’s princess.

The bed and dresser are from Wayfair and come as a set. The bed is a convertible bed so she can continue to use it. Her comforter and bed sheets came from Buy Buy Baby, but you can also find them on Amazon. The bows and crown canopy both came from Etsy as well as her princess photos and flowers on the wall.

Our recliner rocker is from Walmart and we added touches of pink to it with a baby blanket and some pillows. Her book shelf is from Amazon and has a great place to store books and her toys at the bottom as well.

The rug and changing table cover are both from Amazon. We also have the munchkin wipe warmer and a diaper caddy in her changing area so we can easily change her diaper anywhere in the house. The ubbi diaper pail is also from Amazon as well as her disney princess lamp. Our mirror is from Amazon and we love it! We highly recommend the hatch 2 rest sound machine which can be found on Amazon too. We did go with a bouncer and a swing but went with some more affordable options for the two.

The bassinet is mine from when I was little and the cover and sheet are both from Amazon as well as the princess blanket. The wooden rocker is from when I was little as well.

We went with the infant optic baby monitor as it doesn’t use wifi or an app which we love. We also received some toys from Lovevery which is a subscription based toy company that I highly recommend checking out for different stages.

We absolutely love how the room turned out and we can’t wait for her arrival and to be able to see her grow up in this special room! She’ll be here before we know it! I will be taking a break from posting on here for a little bit of time to get used to motherhood, but will be back a few weeks after her birth to share her birth story and start sharing some more fun travel related content again in August.

Five must do things in Ocala this summer!

Ocala has a lot of fun activities they offer throughout the whole year from festivals to markets. As we are nearing the summer, I wanted to share four of our favorite things to do in the local area. These activities are great for families and couples.

Kayaking on Silver Springs or Swim at Rainbow Springs

Winter and spring are our favorite times to kayak, but if you pick a cool morning during the summer it would still be a blast! We recommend checking out Get up and Go Kayaking as it’s our favorite company for kayaking. Their kayaks are clear so you can see everything from them and the tour lasts 2 hours. Silver Springs is one of the few springs that you can still find manatees in throughout the year. Silver Springs also offers glass bottom boat tours as well. Rainbow Springs is another great spring that is about 40 minutes from Ocala and offers swimming, tubing and kayaking. You can also do a tour with Get up and Go Kayaking at that spring as well which includes swimming too.

Zip Lining at Zip the Canyons

This is such a fun activity if you love adventure! They have several different zip lining courses that they offer. I would plan for a cool day or an early morning during the summer as it does get warm in the afternoon. They also offer horse back riding as well.

World Equestrian Center Horse Shows

The World Equestrian Center is a world class equestrian center. They have several free shows throughout the summer going on in the evenings to check out. Plus you can grab a bite to eat at one of their many restaurants they have while you’re there.

Lake Weir

Lake Weir is a 30 minute drive from Ocala and has so much to offer for the summer! Check out Eaton’s Beach while there and you can also rent a boat for the day! It’s the perfect summer activity!

5. Sky Zone

This is a great one for kids during the summer to keep cool and have fun! At sky zone you can jump on trampolines, play dodgeball, be a ninja warrior on their course, and they even have a toddler zone.

There are so many different fun activities to still enjoy in Ocala during the summer months. Remember to pack your fan and sunscreen and stay cool! Check out my other blog post on our favorite things to do and see in Ocala, FL!

Five Must do activities in central Florida

Central Florida is a highly visited place and when we think of central Florida we think of Disney and Universal Studios. However, central Florida has so many other fun things to do and offer and many of them are a more affordable experience or activity than the major theme parks. I wanted to share our top five favorite activities and adventures in central Florida besides Disney World.

1. Check out Florida’s natural springs

A great activity to check out in central Florida is tubing or kayaking down one of central Florida’s many natural springs. There are several in the surrounding area including Blue Springs, Rock Springs, Juniper Springs, Rainbow Springs, and Silver Springs. They are all so beautiful and great places to explore at an affordable price. Blue Springs offers tubing and kayaking and it’s not a very far drive from Orlando. Some of the springs offer tubing, while others offer kayaking and swimming. You can check out my other blog post on kayaking at Rainbow and Silver Springs.

2. Icon Park

Icon park is a great place to take your kids for the day with tons of activities, shops, and restaurants. Plus they have different events they put on throughout the year as well. You can get a play pass which includes several of the attractions there or you can check out the individual attractions which include the Orlando Wheel, Museum of Illusions, Aquarium, Wax museum, and other rides as well.

3. Disney Springs

If you’re looking for a less expensive way to experience Disney but still with fun for the family Disney Springs is the way to go. They have several restaurants and shops to check out as well as tons of live free entertainment too! When we are wanting to do Disney Springs on a budget we grab pizza from Blaze. There are lots of different types of restaurants in Disney Springs to check out and you could even plan to just grab dessert there and walk around the shops. During different seasons they have fun activities for kids to check out too.

4. Discovery Cove

This experience is definitely an unforgettable one and one that is worth planning for and spending the money on it. It has been one of the most memorable places Corbin and I have been together. It’s an all inclusive day resort with food and snacks provided all day at no additional cost. You get to experience a tropical paradise for the whole day with your family which includes several wildlife and aquatic life encounters. I highly recommend checking their site out when they are having sales etc. and also adding the dolphin swim onto your package as it’s a well worth it experience. They are currently running specials for FL residents. You can check out my full blog post on Discovery Cove under my Travel Category for more info on it.

5. Top Golf

My family and I love going to top golf and Orlando has a huge facility for it. At top golf you get to play golf without being on a golf course. It’s a fun time for families especially with teens and older kids. You can even order snacks and food while you’re there. My husband and I love going with friends and it really is just a fun and relaxing experience. Make sure to book a bay in advance though since the Orlando one can be pretty busy.

There is so much to explore and check out in central Florida! Be sure to checkout my other blog posts under the travel category about more places throughout FL and fun activities!

Lynchburg, VA Travel Guide

It’s hard to believe that we are in the month of April and that summer is coming soon! Our baby girl Turner will be making her arrival in about a month and we can’t wait to meet her! We made a trip to Lynchburg, VA in August 2021 which is where I grew up and spent 10 years of my life and also where my husband and I met as well. We experienced a miscarriage shortly after this trip so I had a difficult time wanting to share this post, but would love to share our guide with you now! We both attended Liberty University in Lynchburg and met there. We revisited several places from my childhood and from college, but also tried out some new restaurants while we were there. We also tried to make our hotel reservations budget friendly but also explored some of the nicer places to stay there as well.


There are so many different restaurants in Lynchburg and we couldn’t explore them all since we were there for a short weekend trip, but here are some of our favorites from when we lived there as well as places we tried this trip too.

Dinner Places

Iron and Ale


Robin Alexander

La Caretta

The Water Dog


Depot Grille

Isabella’s Italian Trattoria

The Neighbors Place



La Villa Italian Restaurant

The Crown Sterling

Charley’s Restaurant



Millie’s Living Cafe

Blaze Pizza

Texas Inn/Texas T Room


Market at Main

My Dog Duke’s Diner

Fifth and Federal Station

Blue Ridge Bagels

Cin City


La Vida Coffee + Market

White Hart Cafe

The Muse Coffee

Dublin 3 Coffeehouse

Bean Tree Cafe

Mission House Coffee

Golf Park Coffee Co

5th Street Grind


Rolled Cold Creamery

Mister Goodies Ice Cream

MayLynn’s Creamery


Sweet Frog

Yogurt Yeti

Things to do

Putt Putt Fun Center

Hiking Trails:

Crab Tree Falls

Sharp Top and Round Top

Devi’s Marble Yard

Liberty University/Freedom Tower

Liberty Skii Lodge

Poplar Forest

Amazement Square

Lynchburg Community Market

River Walk

Trampoline Park

Monument Terrace

Escape Rooms

Places to Stay

The Virginian Hotel

Tru by Hilton Lynchburg

Craddock Terry Hotel

Courtyard Marriot

Homewood Suites

SpringHill Suites

Acorn Hill Lodge

Hilton Garden Inn

There is so much to do and see while you’re there! One of our favorites though is all of the hiking there, especially exploring the Peaks of Otter and Crab Tree Falls. Both of those hikes are beautiful and so memorable.

We hope to make it back there someday with our baby girl and show her some of our favorite places! Let us know in the comments if we missed any favorite spots in Lynchburg and be sure to follow us along on this blog for more travel adventures and updates on our life!

Top Things to do in Tampa, FL

Tampa, FL is a top destination in Florida and there is a lot to see while you’re visiting there! I compiled our favorite things to do while visiting Tampa along with the best places to stay.

Downtown Tampa

We love exploring downtown Tampa and there sure is a lot to explore. There are several restaurants, shops, events, and unique spots. Some of our favorites include:

Amalie Arena

River Walk

Tampa Museum of Art

Downtown Murals

Tampa Theatre

Florida Aquarium

Armature Works

There is so much to do and see downtown. One of our favorites is the Florida Aquarium. It’s a great activity rain or shine and has so much to do and see, especially for kids. It’s around $34 for adults and $29 for kids. It’s open Monday-Sunday 9:30 am to 5 pm. You can explore their many habitats including our favorites the Wetlands of Florida and Coral Reef.

Yacht Starship Cruises

This needs to be at the top of your list for date night during your stay in Tampa. This is probably one of our favorite date nights yet in any city. You get to experience life on a yacht for a 2 hour cruise. They have several cruises to choose from whether you want a brunch, just to enjoy drinks, or dinner. We recommend doing the dinner cruise to get the full experience.

Zoo Tampa

This is another great fun activity to check out for family fun in Tampa. They have so many different animals to see and fun activities including a bird show where birds fly over your head. Our favorite part was the Penguin encounter. They have several extra up close encounters that you can pick from for an extra charge but are so worth it. They also have several rides to help you cool off during the day. It’s $50 for 12 and up for admission to the zoo and the encounters are $20-$30 depending on which encounter you choose.

Ybor Tampa

You must check out the Ybor which is the old historic Tampa downtown that has been redone but still has the historic feel. There are a bunch of shops and restaurants to check out and it has such a fun vibe. We love Mayday Ice cream here and highly recommend checking it out!

Tampa has a lot to offer and is a really fun and exciting city to check out! Be sure to check out our blog posts on two of our favorite places to stay in downtown Tampa and our unique date night idea for Tampa under our travel category.