What and what not to wear to a wedding-Wedding Season Dress Ideas

My do’s and don’ts for summer wedding attire. Along with links of my favorite dresses for this wedding season.

We are getting closer to summer which means lots of people are getting married during this time of year. So I thought it would be helpful to give you all tips on what and what not to wear to those summer weddings. I will link the dresses in this post so you can easily shop them.


Wear white or ivory to a wedding. Unless you want everyone starring you down for the wrong reason or if the bride is wearing a different color. I remember how I felt as a bride and how special that day is, so the last thing you want to do is walk in wearing the same color as the bride. I would also stay away from bright red’s and orange. I think yellow is fine, especially if it’s more of a pastel yellow.


I recommend sticking to your lighter colors like blues, pinks, greens, yellows, purple, etc. This Green Maxi Dress I am wearing in the picture above would be great for a wedding. I paired it with these Nude Heels. Plus this dress is so comfortable and not too dressy. I also recommend finding out from the bride or close family whether the wedding is formal, semi-formal, casual, etc. so you can dress appropriately. Brides will often forget to put it in the invitations so it’s always good to ask. Here are a couple of different styles of dresses that would look nice. Yellow DressBlue Maxi DressLace RomperCoral Dress,Light Pink MaxiPink Lace Dress. I also linked more dresses for youunder the Wedding Wear menu on my main page drop down menu.

Don’t :

Wear something too short or skimpy looking. You don’t want to be known as “that” girl at a wedding. My rule of thumb is, if can’t sit in it and feel comfortable then it’s not ready to be worn at a wedding. I always remember that there will be dancing and I will want to look and feel comfortable in the dress.


Wear flowy and or long dresses, they are always flattering. Also you can now wear the color black to weddings like this one (Black Dress). This is new to me, and I still don’t wear black to a wedding cause I grew up with it being a bad thing.


I linked more dresses along with some affordable purses and shoes under the Wedding Season Apparel menu under my main drop down menu. Let me know if you have any questions about wedding apparel.

Hope you have a great week!





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