The comparison trap

Today I am talking about the struggle of comparison and how to overcome it.

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This has been an extremely busy week filled with lots of packing. We are getting ready to move to Waynesboro. This has been a challenging week, with lots of stress of getting things packed. Lately, I have been dealing a lot with comparing myself to others. So, I wanted to write an encouraging post for women about this topic.

With different social media platforms out there, it is not hard to fall into the comparison trap. Every time you get on instagram or Facebook, a new post shows up of a husband and wife who are on vacation somewhere or a mom who is doing five jobs while also taking care of her kids well. It is difficult not to compare yourself, but it is a trap. Don’t listen to those lies that are being told to you.

We are each beautiful women created by God and designed for his purpose. Our purpose in life is to love God and love others second. How can we possibly do that when we are comparing our looks, profession, status, or worth to someone else. Our worth is not defined by money, status, job, relationships, or talents. We can’t even find our worth in our husbands, which I am guilty of doing so much. It will affect our relationship with them negatively, so we must first find our identity in Christ.

We are defined by God and who He says we are. God says we are beautiful women who have captivated Him. We cannot live a full life if we are always comparing. Check out Christy Nockels Glorious in the Mundane podcast for some awesome content on comparison. I have absolutely loved it and gained so much wisdom from it.

So the next time we scroll on Facebook or Instagram, let’s remember that our identity is not found in how many likes or comments we get, but rather who we are. We are each special and unique people created with a purpose. God wants the best for our lives and desires us to find our identity in him.

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Hope you all have a great week!






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