Easy At Home Teeth Whitening + Giveaway!!

Teeth Whitening at home with Smile Brilliant. Sharing my favorite easy at home teeth whitening system at an affordable price. Make sure to stay till the end of this blog post, there is something special at the end. 

How would you like to have bright white teeth for this summer season?! So many vacations and parties with friends and family…not to mention all the pictures that are taken. It’s the best time to get rid of those coffee stained teeth so you can have a bright white smile in all those pictures.


Make sure to read to the end of this blog post, there is something special for all of my followers at the end.

I have never had too many problems with my teeth. I am actually pretty proud of my teeth. I did have braces in high school for a short 6 months to help straighten my teeth. I still wear my retainers two to three times a week to keep them straight. Having a good smile has always been important to me, especially since I competed in several vocal competitions and pageants growing up where people would always see my smile.

I used a 5 minute teeth whitening gel from the local pharmacy store when competing and I never enjoyed putting that gel in. It had a bad taste and the mouthpiece was pretty uncomfortable. It was the only teeth whitening I knew of at the time. I stopped using it after I was done competing part way through college.


In college, I started drinking coffee everyday.  I loved having it every morning and sometimes twice a day. It didn’t help that there was a Starbucks in our library.  I still LOVE having coffee every morning!! So I did notice my teeth started losing color over time, especially more recently. I was told to try crest whitening strips and other teeth whitening systems, but none of the cheap whitening systems worked very well and my teeth were very sensitive to the gels. I was always intrigued by the professional teeth whitening at the dentist office, but could never afford the $300-$500 teeth whitening service.




When Smile Brilliant approached me about collaborating with them, I was so excited! I was a little skeptical at first since everything was done at home. However, the process was so simple and easy. I also loved the before and after pictures I saw of many people who had tried it. I love that I can do the whole process while sitting in my pjs at home without paying the overpriced dentist rate and dealing with scheduling an appointment. I also love that their system is designed specifically for people with sensitive teeth like me. Plus, their kits are all under $200 which is a steal for a professional whitening kit. Here is a link to their site if you’re interested in checking out more reviews. Smile Brilliant Reviews.

They sent me a package with step-by-step directions on how to get started along with teeth whitening syringes, desensitizing syringes, putty to make my own impressions, impression trays, and even a mailer to send back the trays. I love that you get to make your own custom-made trays to fit your teeth. It was really easy to do the impressions myself too. I love the way the trays fit my teeth well.




The process for whitening your teeth is pretty quick and I found it easy to do while watching tv in the evenings with my husband, writing blog posts, and even while getting ready in the morning. Here is a quick overview of the whitening process. I recommend doing it at night for the best results.


Step 1. Brush your teeth with just water.
Step 2. Put a small about of teeth whitening gel in your tray and whiten for 45 mins-1 hour. (I stayed on the lower end with having sensitive teeth).
Step 3. Brush your teeth with toothpaste.
Step 4. Put a small amount of desensitizing gel in your tray and keep in there for 15-20 mins.
Step 5. Make sure to not eat or drink anything for 30 minutes after.



My “After Whitening” Review

It’s a pretty simple process and I am loving the results. The desensitizing gel was the best part, since that helps with keeping your teeth from feeling sensitive during the whitening process. I highly recommend using the desensitizing gel after whitening if you have sensitive teeth. My husband noticed a difference in my teeth after my first night of using the system. I am not recommending this brand just because I have collaborated with them, but because I have absolutely loved the results. I give Smile Brilliant five stars on their teeth whitening kit. I will definitely be using their system in the future for teeth whitening again. I love that I can now smile in my blogging pictures and have pearly whites. Having a white smile has helped boost my confidence, especially when posing for a picture.

For more information you can visit Smile Brilliant’s website and view more testimonials.

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