The Reality of buying a fixer upper

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As many of you already know, we recently purchased our first home. We were actually not looking to buy a home at this point, but this opportunity fell into our lap and I am so thankful it did. I absolutely love owning our own place now. I feel like we can really make it look how we want it to. However, there are some difficulties of buying a home that was previously owned by someone else. So I am going to share some house buying tips with you all and what it looks like to full time fix up a house.

Before buying the house:

1. Make sure you pick a realtor you know and trust.

  • This was so helpful for us being first time home buyers, my friend Arlene Unger is an agent and actually goes to our church. She also happens to be one of the most recommended realtors in our area. So if you don’t personally know a realtor make sure to check their recommendations and ask around first.

2. Also pick a loan officer you’d like to go with as well. We also had a friend who is one and went with him. He gave us the best interest rate too. Same thing goes with this one as a realtor. Read reviews, ask lots of people who they have worked with or think is the best one.

3. Make sure if you are buying a previously owned house to get homeowners insurance and also get the house inspected. You might find something during the inspection that could be a make or break for the house.

4. Be smart with your money! You don’t need a credit card to get a loan. Student loans and other loans count towards your credit. We learned this one from Dave Ramsey.

What buying a fixer upper really looks like:

1. Everything won’t be done at the same time. We have already painted almost all of the house, but are still waiting on our flooring. It takes patience waiting for something like that. We have also found many minor things that will eventually need to be changed, but just can’t right now.

2. It’s going to be LOTS of work!! It takes a lot of work to paint all of your walls, rip up flooring and put new ones in, and not to mention all of the countless hours of cleaning you do too. Plus you also have to make multiple trips to home/hardware store to find what you need.

3. It can be stressful at times, especially when you are waiting on something to be done. It is also very tiring, especially when you work and then have to do more work when you get home.

4. It does cost a lot of money, especially to paint and fix things. It’s hard to realize all the little things that need to be fixed with a house. Just make sure you are budgeting and saving beforehand.

5. It can also be really fun at the same time to vision together and plan what the house will eventually look like! I always say, make the best out of anything! So have fun and laugh while you are working on the house together.

I know it is going to take us some time to really get everything settled in and make it feel like home, but it is our home and I am thankful to be here with my hubby. I am excited to fill this house with lots of memories as husband and wife and someday with hopefully our kids.

I will keep you all updated as we add decorations and furniture and add links to shop it all. I can’t wait for the decorating stage! We already went to Ikea recently and a found a couple pieces of furniture. I can’t wait to start picking out furniture for our home!

I hope you all have a great weekend and that this was helpful for those looking for a house soon.  I’d love to know if you have any advice for first time home owners and if you have any questions.



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