Charleston Trip


My husband and I had the opportunity to travel to Charleston last week for our annual vacation together. I have to say, we were both very impressed and fell in love with the city. The city is not just beautiful for all of the buildings that line the streets, but also for the history behind all of those buildings. I wanted to share with you all about our trip and some of our top picks for restaurants and things to do/see while visiting Charleston.


A highlight from our trip were the many side streets of beautiful historical homes. Down near the battery right along the bay, you will find some of the most gorgeous southern homes. They are all lined with iron fences and beautiful columns in the front and all include the famous side porch. If you go exploring down near the battery, be sure to take a walk down through the side streets all the way to Broad St. We found several historical homes that belonged to people in our American History. Rainbow Row is definitely a neat to see, but some of the homes down the side streets nearby are even more beautiful. Several of the streets also still have the old stone or cobble roads which also makes Charleston a unique city.




Our favorite part about exploring downtown Charleston was definitely the restaurants. Charleston is known for their amazing food and have some of the best southern places to eat at. Make sure to always take recommendations from the servers on what food tastes the best at the restaurant. Some of our favorites included Paw, Paw, Poogan’s Porch, Miller’s All Day, Carmella’s Dessert and Bar, and Tavern and Table. Paw, Paw had the most amazing duck dish and had a neat industrial style inside. Also, make sure to try their truffle fries for an appetizer, they were absolutely amazing. Poogan’s Porch had the most amazing southern food and charm. At Poogan’s Porch you get to sit on an old southern porch of an old house. Tavern and Table was perfect for a nice burger and fries and sits on Shem Creek. I think our favorite was Carmella’s Dessert since we are both big dessert fans. They have mini cakes, cookies, gelato, and the best sorbet I have ever tried. It’s a neat spot for a dessert and coffee or dessert and wine.




We also went to the Isle of Palms Beach while we were there and it was really nice. It’s a quiet beach with a pier and lots of fun beach shopping and restaurants nearby. We tried the Coconut Joe’s for lunch at the beach and it was perfect for a lunch date. Most of the locals recommend Isle of Palms or Sullivan’s Island Beach over Folly Beach. So we did not even explore the other ones. Isle of Palms also has a Ben and Jerry’s ice cream shop close by which is always great on a beach day.




If you have some extra time downtown, definitely explore the Pineapple Fountain, the college of Charleston and the market downtown. The market has a neat history behind the building and lots of different unique shops. The Pineapple Fountain is so pretty and the park around it is also great to walk around in.




We stayed at an air bnb for the first time in Mt. Pleasant and loved it. Our Air Bnb was an old carriage house that had been updated into a new apartment. We had a full kitchen which was perfect for breakfast and lunch. I definitely recommend trying out Air Bnb for your next trip.


Charleston is truly a beautiful city and we can’t wait to go back again soon to visit. If you are planning a trip there soon, please feel free to ask me questions or recommendations. Hope you all have a great week and Happy Fall!







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