Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and a lot of you requested date ideas for it. I have included some of our favorite past Valentine’s Day Dates and also some other ideas as well. I also included a section for any ladies who don’t have a significant other around or are wanting to hang with the girls for a Galentine’s Day.

I have spent most of my Valentine’s Day’s with girlfriends and family which I enjoyed so much. Until I met Corbin I never really spent a Valentine’s Day with a date. So it has been very sweet and special to spend the past four Valentine’s days with him. Valentine’s Day has never really been my favorite day since I believe that everyday you should show people love and date your spouse, however it is fun to do something unique for your spouse on that day.

This year, we are going on a cruise to Mexico the week before, so we are going to have a really chill Valentine’s Day staying at home. Since Corbin doesn’t read my blog posts, I can share with you all what I am planning this year for our night in. I am going to make one of his favorite meals and make this amazing cookie brownie dessert. I am also going to surprise him with some letters as well. His love language is words of affirmation so I always love to include a note of some sort for him.

We spent our first Valentine’s Day as a married couple at home as well. I made Corbin’s favorite meal baked ziti and an amazing dessert. He surprised me with flowers, a teddy bear, and chocolates which was the sweetest. He also set up our kitchen table like a restaurant and lit some candles. Since we were just recently married living in a one bedroom apartment and didn’t have a lot of money, I came up with a creative gift. If you are looking for creative gift ideas, then pintrest is your place. I found an idea to set up different candies he liked throughout the house with notes for him to go on a scavenger hunt to find our dessert. I left little clues on each candy that led him to the next place. It was such a fun idea and it made it a very special night.

Last year, we went to this cute little gluten free italian restaurant in Hershey. It was so much fun! We also went and got a couples massage. You can never beat a couples massage.


Date Night Ideas:


  1. Movie and Dinner Date. The classic date is always a win! Going to see a romantic movie and a nice dinner is always fun. We love the movie theaters that include dinner. There is one called the Alamo Drafthouse and it has several locations throughout the US.
  2. Night in with a candlelight dinner and dessert. We have done this many times for date night. Making our favorite dishes together and our favorite dessert.
  3. Couples Massage and Dinner. This is such a great surprise. This is more on the splurge side, but so great!
  4. Ice Skating. This is so unique and different.
  5. Scavenger Hunt. You can be creative with this one. I did one for Corbin using candy and clues. It was so much fun.
  6. A themed dinner and movie night in. A romantic movie and some spaghetti. Themes make a night so much more fun.
  7. A Second First Date. I saw this on a site. This is a sweet one, you create your first date again.
  8. Book a hotel for a night away or a bed and breakfast. This is a perfect way to escape all the chores at the house and spend quality time together. We have gone to Frederick, Md before and made two days out of our trip by exploring the town the next day.
  9. Go see a concert together. Plan a date to go to see your favorite band in concert.
  10. Travel somewhere new. We live near a lot of bigger cities so we can go explore different places together.
  11. Turn your living room into a ballroom. Move the furniture and add some music and do some dancing together.
  12. Go Star Gazing together. 


Galentine’s Night Ideas:

  1. Host a fun party with decorations, games, and food. 
  2. Have a girlfriend over and make a dessert together and watch movies. 
  3. Go out to dinner with your girlfriends. 
  4. Go see one of your favorite movies together. 
  5.  Plan a fun trip…maybe even to somewhere tropical and warm. 
  6. Invite some girlfriend’s over and play games. 
  7. Have a dessert pot luck party. 
  8. Go out dancing like to a salsa dancing place.
  9. Do a wine tour or museum tour. 
  10. Go to an art museum or special event. 


I hope you all enjoy all these ideas and that you all enjoy your Valentine’s Day no matter how you spend it! Remember that it is about spending time with the people you love and investing in them. Come back later this week for Valentine’s Day Outfit Ideas.







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