My Go To Snack With Verb Energy

I have had an incredibly busy life recently with lots of rehearsals. When I am busy it’s hard to find time to make something to eat and my energy is low from all the running around. I am so thankful I recently found Verby Energy Bars. They are healthy, only 90 calories, and have as much caffeine as an espresso, but are made with a natural green tea. So I love the energy that they give me, especially during my show weekend.


I love how easy these bars are to throw in my bag and go. I am very healthy conscious too and they definitely fit into that category. During my long dress rehearsal week of my show I needed a quick snack to grab and give me energy so these bars were my go to. I got to try three different flavors, blueberry, peanut butter, and cocoa. My two favorite flavors are the peanut butter and cocoa. I also love that they are gluten and dairy free.



You can try three bars for free and just pay for the shipping. It’s only about $1.50 per bar per bag too. I definitely recommend giving these bars a try, especially if you need an afternoon go to snack and quick pick me up. You can try the three bars Here!


Hope you all have a great week!





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