Denver, CO Travel Guide

We just got back from an amazing trip to Denver, CO. It’s an incredibly beautiful and gorgeous place with lots of mountains. We visited some of the highlights in just two days. I wanted to share my favorite places we visited along with our favorite restaurants and recommendations.


One of my favorite places to see was the Red Rocks Amphitheater. The rocks are so stunning with all of the colors. This is a great place to catch a concert or yoga. They have several events going on there during the year. You can also do a workout on the stairs as well or hike around the rocks too. It’s also a beautiful spot to take pictures. Another place to see Red Rocks and hike is the Garden of the gods. It is so stunning!


Another beautiful place to see phenomenal views is Rocky Mountain National Park. There are many trails you can hike if you enjoy hiking. We drove on the highest road Trail Ridge Road which has many stops and overlooks along the way. Depending on the time of year you go, you will see lots of animals along the drive. We saw elk, deer, and moose close to many of the roads and paths. I also would highly recommend walking around Sprague Lake or Bear Lake at the end of the trail ridge rd. We saw so many different animals around Sprague Lake in the late afternoon. I also recommend getting to the park in the early morning to have enough time to drive through and have a nice dinner afterwards. We also loved going in the gift shop near the highest point of the rd. They had so many unique gifts.


We ate at an amazing restaurant for lunch called Acova. It has lots of gluten free, non gmo, and vegan plates. I got the chicken cobb salad and it was so good. A few other restaurants I recommend in the Denver area include: Linger, City’ O City, Snooze, Holidaily Brewing Company, Root Down, and Tap Fourteen Uptown. There are so many good restaurants and food in Denver.


Denver is a beautiful place to visit and if you get the chance to go there it’s so worth it!



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