5 Valentine’s Date Night Ideas

Date night is my favorite time of every week! Whether we do a date night at home and cook a special meal and play a game together or we go out to have dinner at a restaurant, date night is a highlight of the week. My hubby and I believe that dating your spouse is so important in marriage and can often be lost, but making it a priority will help with that. So be intentional about your date night every week and set it on your calendar. I wanted to share some of our favorite date night ideas before Valentine’s Day roles around since we are all looking for some special things to do with our special someone.


1. Go on an adventure together

There is nothing better than going and visiting a new city or place with your spouse. We love traveling to close by cities like D.C., Baltimore, Frederick, MD, and Leesburg. We live in a small town so sometimes it’s nice to go to a bigger city and explore together. If you don’t want to travel far it could be even going to grab coffee, brunch, or lunch together at a new place you’ve never been before in your area. We recently went ice skating up at a skii resort near our town and we loved it! It was a fun date night together! Some of our favorite things to do in a new city is find a restaurant for dinner, go to a museum or aquarium in the area, go window shopping, and find a good dessert place. I love adventuring so this fills my cup as well.


2. Go to see a movie or concert together

We love going to see movies at our local movie theaters and at the Alamo Drafthouse which is only an hour drive from us. The Alamo Drafthouse is a theater where you can order food from your seat at the theater and it’s such a fun experience. We haven’t been to many concerts together, but that is on our list of something we want to do together. I have several friends who enjoy a romantic lunch or dinner before going to see a concert. My advice is pick someone romantic for a date night or someone you both have wanted to see together.


3. Get a massage together or go stay at a bed and breakfast

If you love relaxing then this would be the perfect date night for two busy people. We have done several couples massages together and have loved them. It’s definitely a splurge, but so worth it. We have also stayed at a bed and breakfast before and it is so nice to just have that time away from your house. We love booking them close enough to our house to come home that next evening, but far enough and close to a city to explore the next day. This is so refreshing to do as a couple.


4. Go bowling, to the arcade or to a drive in movie

This makes for a fun date night so you can have some friendly competition and alone time. Bowling is perfect for the winter time especially. We have a nice arcade in our mall that has a bunch of games you can play which is a fun way to interact as a couple. A drive in movie is perfect for the spring or summer. Grab your own snacks before heading to the movies for a perfect date night.


5. Make a night special at home with star gazing, candlelight dinner, or board games.

When we don’t want to spend money out, we come up with a fun date night at home. We cook up something for dinner and have a candlelight dinner. We’ve also made a nice cozy area in our living room and watched movies together with popcorn and desserts. We also love playing board games, so we bring out the board games after dinner and have some friendly competition. You could also order in take out. We don’t have as many options for that in our area, but in a big city, it’s a great thing to do.


No matter what type of date night we have, we feel that it’s so important to have date nights and invest time into one another on a weekly basis. Sometimes we will go grab coffee together or lunch together for a day date. So it can be anything simple to a fun weekend away with each other. Whatever you are doing just invest time into your spouse and spending time together. Hope you all found this valuable as we are nearing Valentine’s Day! Have a great week!



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