Last Minute Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

It’s hard to believe that Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. I always enjoy doing a special date night with Corbin on Valentine’s Day. Sometimes when Valentine’s Day falls during the week we will the celebrate the weekend before. This year we are planning to grab coffee the day of and the weekend before going out to dinner for our favorite meal and then maybe star gazing. I wanted to give you all several of our favorite ideas for Valentine’s Day to mix it up if you’re trying to figure out a unique date night.

Grabbing Brunch/Coffee Together

This is one of our favorite day dates. We love grabbing brunch together or going to our favorite coffee shop.

Themed Dinner and Movie Night

Grab some supplies at the store and create a themed dinner around your favorite tv show or movie. We haven’t done this yet, but we want to do one for friends or chuck.

Great Outdoors

Grab your outdoor supplies and go hiking, biking, kayaking, zip lining or something fun outside. We love going biking and kayaking. Grab your picnic supplies and bring them along with you.

Make a visit to the Zoo, Aquarium, or an Art Museum

Most cities will have a zoo, aquarium, or art museum. Grab some dinner before hand and head to one of these fun outings.

Board Game Night

This is also a favorite of ours. We love playing board games together. I listed a couple of our favorite two player games.

Go Dancing or take an online Master Class

Many dance studios offer dance classes like salsa or ballroom dancing. There is even online dance classes as well.

Take a master cooking class or bake something together

There are lots of online master cooking classes that teach you how to make chocolate or a yummy meal. You could also grab some supplies together and bake as well. We love doing this together and love the results of it.

Picnic in your favorite spot

I love going on picnics with Corbin. You can go to any of your favorite spots and have a picnic.

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