Kayaking at Rainbow Springs

One of the most underrated activities in FL is going kayaking at the many springs. We had the opportunity to go kayaking in January and it was a blast. It was such a calm and peaceful experience to soak in nature. I figured this activity deserved it’s own blog post. We partnered with Get up and go kayak to do a clear bottom kayak tour and I’m going to share the details below as well as pictures.

There are many springs throughout FL and I listed some below that I’ve visited personally. Also be on the lookout for a full post on Silver Springs in a few weeks.

Silver Springs

Rainbow Springs

Blue Springs

Rainbow Springs is absolutely beautiful. It is a state park located in Dunedin, FL and can be visited any time between sunrise and sunset. The admission is $2 for the state park. There are lots of walk ways and tons of things to see including birds and other wildlife. If you want to go swimming or kayaking you have to go further up the road to key hole and park there. This is where we met our tour guide Josh from Get up and Go Kayak.

When you sign up with get up and go kayak they have a full experience waiting for you that is worth the $64 price to go kayaking. All of their boats have a clear bottom and all of their tours include a guide as well. At Rainbow springs you get a truly unique experience where you get to get out of the kayak and go walking in part of the spring. The water is so clear and beautiful and you are surrounded by so many pretty trees.

Keep in mind you will get wet and to wear your swimsuit for this tour. It might be good to pack a waterproof case for your iphone too. You also see lots of wildlife including birds, turtles, and other wildlife, but thankfully no gators.

You kayak up and down part of the river and swim in part of it. We highly suggest taking the afternoon tour at 3 as you get to enjoy a beautiful sunset as you’re wrapping up your tour.

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