Five Must do activities in central Florida

Central Florida is a highly visited place and when we think of central Florida we think of Disney and Universal Studios. However, central Florida has so many other fun things to do and offer and many of them are a more affordable experience or activity than the major theme parks. I wanted to share our top five favorite activities and adventures in central Florida besides Disney World.

1. Check out Florida’s natural springs

A great activity to check out in central Florida is tubing or kayaking down one of central Florida’s many natural springs. There are several in the surrounding area including Blue Springs, Rock Springs, Juniper Springs, Rainbow Springs, and Silver Springs. They are all so beautiful and great places to explore at an affordable price. Blue Springs offers tubing and kayaking and it’s not a very far drive from Orlando. Some of the springs offer tubing, while others offer kayaking and swimming. You can check out my other blog post on kayaking at Rainbow and Silver Springs.

2. Icon Park

Icon park is a great place to take your kids for the day with tons of activities, shops, and restaurants. Plus they have different events they put on throughout the year as well. You can get a play pass which includes several of the attractions there or you can check out the individual attractions which include the Orlando Wheel, Museum of Illusions, Aquarium, Wax museum, and other rides as well.

3. Disney Springs

If you’re looking for a less expensive way to experience Disney but still with fun for the family Disney Springs is the way to go. They have several restaurants and shops to check out as well as tons of live free entertainment too! When we are wanting to do Disney Springs on a budget we grab pizza from Blaze. There are lots of different types of restaurants in Disney Springs to check out and you could even plan to just grab dessert there and walk around the shops. During different seasons they have fun activities for kids to check out too.

4. Discovery Cove

This experience is definitely an unforgettable one and one that is worth planning for and spending the money on it. It has been one of the most memorable places Corbin and I have been together. It’s an all inclusive day resort with food and snacks provided all day at no additional cost. You get to experience a tropical paradise for the whole day with your family which includes several wildlife and aquatic life encounters. I highly recommend checking their site out when they are having sales etc. and also adding the dolphin swim onto your package as it’s a well worth it experience. They are currently running specials for FL residents. You can check out my full blog post on Discovery Cove under my Travel Category for more info on it.

5. Top Golf

My family and I love going to top golf and Orlando has a huge facility for it. At top golf you get to play golf without being on a golf course. It’s a fun time for families especially with teens and older kids. You can even order snacks and food while you’re there. My husband and I love going with friends and it really is just a fun and relaxing experience. Make sure to book a bay in advance though since the Orlando one can be pretty busy.

There is so much to explore and check out in central Florida! Be sure to checkout my other blog posts under the travel category about more places throughout FL and fun activities!

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