5 of our top favorite date night ideas

We LOVE date night which comes every Friday for us! We both have off work that day and take full advantage of that. I wanted to share some our favorite date night ideas. It was hard to narrow it down, but here are my top 5.

Denim jeans,Tan Slides, Tassel Earrings, Similar Top

We LOVE date night which comes every Friday for us! We both have off work that day and take full advantage of that. I wanted to share some our favorite date night ideas. It was hard to narrow it down, but here are my top 5.

1. Adventure somewhere close by:

If you love adventure, then this is a great date idea! We normally have Friday off together, so we can plan a short day trip to somewhere near by. If you live outside of a bigger city area, then consider going into the city. There are always fun things to do together in big cities. Some of our favorite places around the D.C. area have been the free D.C. Zoo, historic Frederick, MD, and the Baltimore Aquarium There are lots of different places for us to visit in the D.C. area. It’s definitely worth the 2 hour trip to go on an adventure somewhere.

2. Candlelight Dinner Date

This one is great if you want a night in and don’t want to spend money on dinner out. We usually whip up something nice for dinner, get dressed up, light a couple of candles, and turn on romantic dinner music. Our first Valentine’s Day was spent doing this. It’s a nice way to connect with each other in a romantic setting. Just make sure to put the phones in another room and don’t turn the TV on either.

3. Game Night With Snacks

This date night is perfect for those who have that competitive side or enjoy some nerdy fun with one another. My husband and I love game night with some snacks. So grab your chocolate chip cookie dough, popcorn, or your favorite snack for this one. My favorite chocolate chip cookie dough for this date night is. I recommend grabbing a bag of Skinny Pop Popcorn for this date too. Some of our favorite board games for two players include Munchkin7 Wonders DuelForbidden Island, and Ticket to Ride. We always have fun playing games together. We hope you enjoy these games as much as we do.

4. Classic Movie and Dinner Date

If we aren’t up for cooking a meal that night, then this is our go to date night. We pick one of our favorite restaurants to go to and a new movie we would like to see. One of the most recent movies we enjoyed was the Greatest Showman and Han Solo. These are definitely two of my most recent favorite movies.

5. Overnight Weekend Getaway for two

We went to Frederick, MD recently and stayed in a hotel there with a pool and hot tub. One of our favorite restaurants, BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse is there so we made sure to visit and then enjoyed time at the hotel. It’s refreshing and great to getaway for a weekend with each other.

Dating your spouse or significant other is very important. When we have conversations and spend time with our spouse, we grow closer as a couple. Hope you all enjoy these date ideas as much as we do! Please feel free to leave your favorite date suggestions in the comments.


Favorite Brand for Spring and Summer Style

You all know how much I love Francesca’s Boutique and if I were to pick one store to go on a shopping spree to that would be the one. I usually stick with dresses and heels, but have started branching out more into casual and comfortable. I have started checking out Target more this year and have found SO many great casual outfits there, including a pair of shorts for only $20.

Denim ShortsSimilar Yellow TopFloral Yellow TopRose Gold WatchWhite Tassel Earrings

You all know how much I love Francesca’s Boutique and if I were to pick one store to go on a shopping spree to that would be the one. I usually stick with dresses and heels, but have started branching out more into casual and comfortable. I have started checking out Target more this year and have found SO many great casual outfits there, including a pair of shorts for only $20. P.S. They are on sale today for $12!

I think the thing I love the most about Target this year, is they have a lot of trendy clothes for a super affordable price. Everything I am going to share with you today is under $40. For me, that is great, so I can make the most of wearing them this summer. If you’re looking for an affordable way to shop some trendy items, Target is a great way to go! They are having a sale this week for all their dresses too! If you use the code, DRESS20, you can save 20% on summer dresses online or in store with their app Cartwheel. Here are some of my favorite finds!



These Embroidered Denim Shorts are such a stable item for summer. They are super comfortable and have enough flare without being ripped. I can wear them with most shirts. I also love the floral detail on them which adds a summer feel. I am wearing a size 2 which is my normal size for bottoms.


I absolutely love their dress section at Target this year and have found several different dresses from their. Including this Green Floral Maxi which is now on sale for $20. The layer underneath the top one is cropped at the knee, so it makes the dress easier to walk in. It also helps keep me cooler on the hot days. I am excited to wear it out on several dates this summer with my husband.

32690325_10156202917856142_4502053318884851712_n (1)


These White Tassel Earrings are my favorites this spring! They can be worn with so many different shirts and dresses. Definitely my best jewelry investment this spring. They have them in several colors online too. They are a brand called Sugarfix which is by Baublebar. One thing I will recommend with the earrings, don’t wear them for the entire day, since they are heavier earrings.

Hair Blog Post 1


I saved my favorite and the best for last…Shoes. If you know me well, you know my obsession for shoes. They are my favorite item of clothing to buy. Target has an amazing selection this year too. I found my favorite Tan Slides for only $24 at Target and just recently picked up a pair of black sandals from there as well. They are both super comfortable shoes and can be worn with jeans, white denim, shorts, and dresses. Also, I found the cutest gingham shoes there too. I sized down a half size for the tan slides and gingham shoes. The black sandals are true to my regular sizing.


The comparison trap

Today I am talking about the struggle of comparison and how to overcome it.

Similar ShirtTan SlidesJean ShortsHot Pink EarringsKate Spade Sunglasses, Straw Crossbody bagStraw ClutchStraw Ratan Crossbody

This has been an extremely busy week filled with lots of packing. We are getting ready to move to Waynesboro. This has been a challenging week, with lots of stress of getting things packed. Lately, I have been dealing a lot with comparing myself to others. So, I wanted to write an encouraging post for women about this topic.

With different social media platforms out there, it is not hard to fall into the comparison trap. Every time you get on instagram or Facebook, a new post shows up of a husband and wife who are on vacation somewhere or a mom who is doing five jobs while also taking care of her kids well. It is difficult not to compare yourself, but it is a trap. Don’t listen to those lies that are being told to you.

We are each beautiful women created by God and designed for his purpose. Our purpose in life is to love God and love others second. How can we possibly do that when we are comparing our looks, profession, status, or worth to someone else. Our worth is not defined by money, status, job, relationships, or talents. We can’t even find our worth in our husbands, which I am guilty of doing so much. It will affect our relationship with them negatively, so we must first find our identity in Christ.

We are defined by God and who He says we are. God says we are beautiful women who have captivated Him. We cannot live a full life if we are always comparing. Check out Christy Nockels Glorious in the Mundane podcast for some awesome content on comparison. I have absolutely loved it and gained so much wisdom from it.

So the next time we scroll on Facebook or Instagram, let’s remember that our identity is not found in how many likes or comments we get, but rather who we are. We are each special and unique people created with a purpose. God wants the best for our lives and desires us to find our identity in him.

Also, this shirt I am wearing is out of stock, but I linked a similar one to it above. I am wearing a size XS in the shirt and size 2 in the shorts for sizing.

Hope you all have a great week!






D.C. Zoo Adventures

My review on the d.c. zoo and best attire to wear for a casual date.

Tan SlidesWhite Tassel EarringsEmbroidered Jean ShortsSimilar Floral TopAnother Similar Floral TopSunglasses

My hubby surprised me yesterday with a date to the D.C. zoo and one of my favorite restaurants in Frederick. It was the perfect day for the zoo. There were so many exhibits and animals to see there. Plus, it’s a free zoo so that’s amazing! I definitely recommend checking it out if you visit or live near the D.C. area.

My favorite part was the Panda exhibit, they had regular Panda’s and Red Panda’s which look like a mix between a panda and a fox. They also had lots of restaurants and things to do for kids there as well. I love animals, so it was definitely one of my favorite dates so far.

Definitely be prepared for lots of walking while you are there. I am thankful I wore my comfy flats from Target. They were perfect for walking around a lot and also how cute are these embroidered shorts from Target too?! You will want to wear something comfortable for all the walking you will do.

There was a neat frozen yogurt place across the street we went to after the zoo. They had tons of flavors and lots of sorbet which is my favorite. I got a watermelon sorbet, I definitely recommend that flavor.

We ended our Friday night at BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse in Frederick. If you live on the East coast and haven’t tried BJ’s, it’s a must. They have great beer and food, plus the most amazing dessert called Pzcookie. It’s like a giant cookie in a small cast iron skillet, topped with ice cream.

Do you guys enjoy surprise dates from your spouse/significant other? or do you prefer to know ahead of time? Also, I’d love to hear from you all if you have any more small day trip date adventure ideas. I love adventures and visiting new places, so suggestions are appreciated!

Hope you all have a great weekend and Happy Early Mother’s Day to all the mom’s out there! Especially my amazing mom, who is the best mom in the world!



What and what not to wear to a wedding-Wedding Season Dress Ideas

My do’s and don’ts for summer wedding attire. Along with links of my favorite dresses for this wedding season.

We are getting closer to summer which means lots of people are getting married during this time of year. So I thought it would be helpful to give you all tips on what and what not to wear to those summer weddings. I will link the dresses in this post so you can easily shop them.


Wear white or ivory to a wedding. Unless you want everyone starring you down for the wrong reason or if the bride is wearing a different color. I remember how I felt as a bride and how special that day is, so the last thing you want to do is walk in wearing the same color as the bride. I would also stay away from bright red’s and orange. I think yellow is fine, especially if it’s more of a pastel yellow.


I recommend sticking to your lighter colors like blues, pinks, greens, yellows, purple, etc. This Green Maxi Dress I am wearing in the picture above would be great for a wedding. I paired it with these Nude Heels. Plus this dress is so comfortable and not too dressy. I also recommend finding out from the bride or close family whether the wedding is formal, semi-formal, casual, etc. so you can dress appropriately. Brides will often forget to put it in the invitations so it’s always good to ask. Here are a couple of different styles of dresses that would look nice. Yellow DressBlue Maxi DressLace RomperCoral Dress,Light Pink MaxiPink Lace Dress. I also linked more dresses for youunder the Wedding Wear menu on my main page drop down menu.

Don’t :

Wear something too short or skimpy looking. You don’t want to be known as “that” girl at a wedding. My rule of thumb is, if can’t sit in it and feel comfortable then it’s not ready to be worn at a wedding. I always remember that there will be dancing and I will want to look and feel comfortable in the dress.


Wear flowy and or long dresses, they are always flattering. Also you can now wear the color black to weddings like this one (Black Dress). This is new to me, and I still don’t wear black to a wedding cause I grew up with it being a bad thing.


I linked more dresses along with some affordable purses and shoes under the Wedding Season Apparel menu under my main drop down menu. Let me know if you have any questions about wedding apparel.

Hope you have a great week!