Hair Tips and Tricks

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about my hair recently and wanted to share with you all what I’ve been using for my hair products as well as some of my favorite tips and tricks. Hair care has always been important to me, but recently I changed most of my products over to all natural, cruelty and chemical free products. I feel like my hair is the healthiest it has been in years. I linked all of the products in this post that I mentioned as well.


Shampoo and Conditioner:

I figured I’d start with my shampoo and conditioner. About a year ago, I started using Formulate Shampoo and Conditioner. The neat thing about their product is it’s a customizable shampoo and conditioner. You first take an online quiz about your hair and then a chemist puts together a formula for your hair’s specific needs. I have loved my formula since it has helped make my hair shinier, less dull, and volumized. It takes about 5-6 days for your hair to get used to the shampoo and conditioner since it’s a chemical free formula. It’s so good for your hair though! My bottles last for about 6 months! You can enter a giveaway below to win a free set and also get a $5 off coupon on their site.


Curling Iron and Straightener:

When it comes to curling iron’s I’m very specific. I want to find a good curling iron, but one that is affordable as well. I got the hot tools curling ironfrom Ulta and I love it. They have curling irons as well as wands and are priced between $40-$60. I love using the curling iron better than a wand for my hair. I always curl my hair backwards instead of forwards and that helps me to get a nice full look. I also flip over my hair after curling it and run my fingers through it, then tease some of the top areas for more volume. The straightener I use is by dry bar and I love it. It’s their brush straightener and it’s around $145. I love how easy it is to use and straighten my hair in 10-15 mins. I also love using the hot toddy heat protectant mist from dry bar while curling and straightening my hair. I spray a little bit of it in my hair before I start curling/straightening my hair.



I’ve tried a lot of hairsprays and my favorite is the kenra professional hair spray. However, I like to keep hairspray on the affordable side so I use Pantene Pro-V Level 4 Extra Strong Hold. I get mine from either target or walmart. I like that the Pantene isn’t so hard on my hair, but still holds well. I always use hairspray after I fix my hair and when I have to touch up my hair as well.

You can check out more on my hair care by visiting my other blog post here. Don’t forget to enter the giveaway to win your own free customizable shampoo and conditioner below. Come back next week to check out a post on my latest beauty finds.




Hair Care with Formulate Co

Having healthy hair is super important to me and it is even more important that it’s chemical free. When it comes to skin care, hair care, and make up it is essential to me that all of my products are cruelty free and free from chemicals. I recently had the chance to try out a shampoo and conditioner from a company called Formulate. This company sends you a quiz to take for your hair,  sends you your own customized shampoo and conditioner, plus all their products are chemical free. I can’t wait to share with you all about this product, the process, and the results I got.


How to get started:

It is a really simple process to get started. Formulate sends you a short hair quiz to take which is really easy to fill out. They ask you different questions about your hair and what you are wanting for your hair. Then the chemists formulate your customized shampoo and conditioner which only takes a couple days to receive. Their team is so helpful and have great customer service. It only took about a week to receive my package in the mail. The packaging was so nice and easy to open, plus they give you a brochure that tells you about your specific shampoo and conditioner and how to use them. I absolutely love the smell of my shampoo and conditioner. I got the tide fragrance which reminds me of the beach. Formulate also sent me a second set since the first set didn’t quite work for my hair.



The results have been amazing in only a couple weeks, my hair is softer, shinier, and has lots of volume. Plus I love the way my hair feels and smells after I use it.  It took me about 4 weeks to see the best results. My hair was very dry and dull before I started using the products, but now it’s not. At first, my hair had to adjust to the sulfate free shampoo and conditioner, but after a couple days it was back to normal. My favorite part, is I know I am treating my hair with clean and healthy ingredients and not feeding it bad chemicals. I definitely recommend trying this shampoo and conditioner.


Before using Formulate Co.

After using Formulate for a couple weeks


I am so excited to announce that Formulate will be giving away one bottle of their shampoo and conditioner to one of my lucky followers! You can enter the giveaway through the link below.

Formulate Giveaway


I hope you all enjoy Formulate as much as I have! Have a great weekend!




My hair tips and tricks

Sharing some of my hair tips and tricks and how to curl your hair.

Tan SlidesWhite Skinny JeansSimilar TopSimilar Top

White Tassel Earrings

I often get a lot of questions on how I curl my hair. I figured I would share a few of my tips and tricks and what products I use. It might come as a surprise to some people that I don’t use a wand and I rather use a regular curling iron for my hair.

I love my Hot Tools Curling Iron I found at Ulta. However, you can also find it on Amazon for cheaper (link above). I usually heat it up to 380 and it can go up to 430. I rather it not be full temp, especially since I have hair with body in it already. If you have straighter hair, I recommend heating it up a little hotter. You can also use heat protector spray if you want to protect your hair. I am still trying to find a good one for an affordable price.

After heating up my curling iron for 5-10 minutes, I take small pieces of hair and I curling backwards instead of forwards. This helps to get more of a natural curly look than tight curls. I part my hair to the side I want it on and then curl one side then the other. Usually my right side of hair has more hair on it since I part my hair that way. It’s okay if it’s uneven.

After I am done curling, I flip my hair over and run my fingers through it. I then flip it back to normal and tease in the part area and the sides towards the top of my hair for body. You can use a regular brush like this one (Hair Brush) or you can use a Tease Brush. Either works fine.

The last step, is I spray the curls a lot with my favorite hairspray. I also recommend hairspray for longer lasting curls, especially if you have straighter hair.

My biggest tip, is if you can avoid blow drying your hair before you curl it or take a shower at night and sleep on it wet, then that’s when I tend to get the best curls. It helps for more volume, especially if you struggle with getting volume. I also, recommend investing a little bit in your curling iron. It’s definitely worth it to spend more on a curling iron that works well and lasts for a long time then wasting your money on a cheap one.

If you all have any questions about how to curl your hair, please feel free to leave a comment on this post. I linked all the details on my outfit above and the hair tools I use for curling my hair.

Hope you all have an awesome weekend!



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