Baby Girl Turner’s Nursery Reveal

We have officially reached 38 weeks and I can’t believe how fast this pregnancy has gone by! We can’t wait for the arrival of our sweet little girl and to be parents! We are excited to go on many adventures with her and show her some of our favorite places to visit in FL! I wanted to share her nursery details with you all and share some of the items we picked for her and why.

We decided to go with a princess theme for the nursery. It has some touches of Disney Princesses along with some fun Princess decor items. I got some of the design ideas from google and really ran with the idea. Several of these items were on my registry list as well too. We wanted a princess theme since she is our princess and most importantly she is God’s princess.

The bed and dresser are from Wayfair and come as a set. The bed is a convertible bed so she can continue to use it. Her comforter and bed sheets came from Buy Buy Baby, but you can also find them on Amazon. The bows and crown canopy both came from Etsy as well as her princess photos and flowers on the wall.

Our recliner rocker is from Walmart and we added touches of pink to it with a baby blanket and some pillows. Her book shelf is from Amazon and has a great place to store books and her toys at the bottom as well.

The rug and changing table cover are both from Amazon. We also have the munchkin wipe warmer and a diaper caddy in her changing area so we can easily change her diaper anywhere in the house. The ubbi diaper pail is also from Amazon as well as her disney princess lamp. Our mirror is from Amazon and we love it! We highly recommend the hatch 2 rest sound machine which can be found on Amazon too. We did go with a bouncer and a swing but went with some more affordable options for the two.

The bassinet is mine from when I was little and the cover and sheet are both from Amazon as well as the princess blanket. The wooden rocker is from when I was little as well.

We went with the infant optic baby monitor as it doesn’t use wifi or an app which we love. We also received some toys from Lovevery which is a subscription based toy company that I highly recommend checking out for different stages.

We absolutely love how the room turned out and we can’t wait for her arrival and to be able to see her grow up in this special room! She’ll be here before we know it! I will be taking a break from posting on here for a little bit of time to get used to motherhood, but will be back a few weeks after her birth to share her birth story and start sharing some more fun travel related content again in August.

Gift Guide for Her

My favorite time of year is finally here! I love the Christmas season with all of the lights, fun, and family time. I wanted to give you all a gift guide for the women in your life, whether mom, sister, wife, or daughters. These are some of my favorite things on my current list. Use this link below to shop at Pink Lily and code Autumn15 at Grace and Lace for 15% off!


Cozy Sweaters, Coats, and Casual Outfits

Dressy Outfits


Beauty/Make up

Use code: Autumnturner for 15% off!

Hoping this helps get you started shopping for the Holiday season! Stay tuned for more gift guides coming next week!

5 Tips for a healthy marriage

1. Always put God first, make time for a quiet time reading the Bible every morning.

This is so important for us to have a quiet time in the morning so we can focus our attention on God first. I find that it helps both of us to view each other through a better lens and helps us to be kind to each other. I highly recommend incorporating a quiet time in your daily routine.

2. Communicate and over communicate.

This one is key in any good relationship, but so important in marriage. We aren’t always the best at this one, but it’s so important to over communicate with each other about everything so you’re on the same page as each other and also so you don’t end up with unmet expectations for the other person. We talk about everything even to the smallest thing of telling each other when we are spending money on something. It helps us stay in tune with each other and on the same page.

3. Have a date night every week

We love our date nights and it’s so important to prioritize your spouse. Even if you have kids, it’s so important to take one day every week aside to have just you and your spouse. Our date nights range from at home movie and game nights to going out to dinner or even going away for the weekend for a small getaway. When we were first married, we didn’t have a lot of money to spend and it was hard on our marriage and we found it difficult at times to plan date nights, but a lot of times it would include a free activity like the pet store or chocolate world for us. Being creative and fun really helps bring your marriage to life.

4. Willing to sacrifice for the other person

This one is a very important one! It’s so essential to place one another’s needs above your own. When we were first married, it took us some time to learn this one. Sacrificing means putting the other persons needs or wants before your own. This takes time and practice to learn how to give up anything from time to things you expect or want.

5. Lots of hugs and kisses

This is so important in every relationship, especially in a marriage. It is said that if you hug someone 20 times a day they feel more loved. We try to hug and kiss each other often throughout the day.

These are the things we’ve found most helpful that have helped us to have a successful and healthy marriage. We are far from perfect and every relationship has it’s difficult seasons, but focusing on serving each other and loving each other through all seasons is so important!

Gift Guide for Her

It’s that time of year again! Christmas is right around the corner and it’s time to start getting gifts for our loved ones. I wanted to provide some really affordable options for you all.

Gifts Under $25

One of my favorite gifts to receive and to give to other women in my family is jewelry. There are so many different options when it comes to jewelry. Here are some of my favorite jewelry pieces under $25

Link Chain Necklace , Half Moon Necklace, Silver Bangle Bracelet, Silver Hoop Earrings , Infinity Bracelet Set , Crystal Gold Bangle Bracelet, Snowflake Earrings, Brushed Initial Necklace, Love Stone Pendant Bracelet, Coin Necklace, Ring Set

Another great gift that’s under $25 are gift cards to their favorite store or restaurant. I love receiving a gift card to Pink Lily, Red Dress, Grace and Lace, or one of my favorite boutiques. I’ve also received Chick Fil A Gift Cards or Gift Cards to the Alamo Movie Theatre and those also make great and simple gifts.

Other items that make great gifts that are under $25:

Cozy Socks, Faux Fur Beanie, Live in Black Leggings,

Gifts for under $50:

My all time favorite bracelets are from Victoria Emerson and they make great gifts under $50. There are so many different options to choose from on their site and they always run a BOGO Free event before Christmas. I also think simple gifts like a cozy robe, blanket, or slippers are perfect. I also always love receiving sets of Gloves and Scarves together or fuzzy socks and blanket sets. I also included some jackets and sweaters that are under $50 that always make a nice gift too.


Favorite Victoria Emerson Bracelets, Necklaces and Earrings from Francescas,


Socks, Robes, PJ Sets, Sweaters, Bath Bombs

Self Care Gifts, Cozy Sweaters under $50, Cozy Pink Lily Gift Guide, Cozy PJ Sets, Cozy Sweaters and Winter Jackets, Grace and Lace Cozy Gifts


Candles, Mugs, Succulents, Bath Stuff

Candles and Mugs,

Gift Guide for Him

Wanted to share a couple of different gift ideas for him. My husband is so unique with his gifts so I usually end up getting him something nerdy for his hobby. However, I’ve received some great gift ideas and found a couple myself that I included here.

Gifts under $25

Men’s Mocasin Slippers

Men’s Socks

Men’s Hoodies

6 Pack of Socks

Gifts under $50

Men’s Boots

Men’s V Neck Sweater

Crew Neck Sweater

Men’s Black Skinny Jeans

Men’s Puffer Jacket

Men’s Wool Sweater

Men’s Flannel Shirts

I hope this helps you all when shopping for your special guy this Christmas season. See my other gift guides under Holiday.