Five Spring Date Night Ideas

Date night is always a special night for us. I always look foreword to date night with my hubby. We both have off on Friday so we either do a date during the day or in the evening. Now that it is finally starting to feel like spring in PA we can start doing some fun date nights. As a young couple, it is hard sometimes to think of date ideas, especially if you live in a smaller town. I figured I would share my top five favorite spring date nights with you all.

1. Going to the Zoo.

We have to travel to get to a good zoo near us, but we make the travel fun. We bring some of our favorite snacks along in the car or we stop for lunch at Chick Fil A along the way. We live a little over an hour from the D.C. Zoo so we like to go on Friday during the day typically. The best part about this zoo is it’s free. You will need to pay for parking, but it’s not much more than $20 at most. There are so many fun animals and things to see at the zoo. We always have the best time there. Afterwards, we go to a frozen yogurt shop which is right across the road from the zoo for a treat. They also have an amazing sorbet for anyone else who is dairy free like me.


2. Going Hiking or Going to the Beach

We have lots of great hiking spots around our area including the Appalachian Trail, so we love to go hiking during the cool spring days. If you don’t have hiking and have a beach or lake near you then make a trip to the beach or lake for the day. We have a beach about three hours from us, which is far, but we are planning a trip there this summer already. Going on adventures together can be so much fun. We love packing our favorite snacks for all of these adventures and also stopping for some ice cream afterwards. Our favorite place to hike in our area is up near high rock. You have some amazing and beautiful views up there.


3. Going on a long walk or bike ride

We also have some amazing trails for walking and bike riding so we love going during the spring time when it’s still cool outside. Make sure you have a bike rack for your car if you are planning on going biking anywhere. We will either grab lunch on our way or pack a lunch and have a picnic. This is one of my favorite things to do during the spring and fall.


4. Visit a city close by

We live in a small town but are really close to lots of bigger cities so we have a lot of different options. Find a big city near you and go visit it for the day or stay one night over the weekend. We both find it so romantic and exciting to go somewhere outside of our comfort zone. We love visiting Georgetown, D.C., Hershey, Baltimore, Gettysburg, and Frederick is one of our favorites. There is so much more to do in bigger cities like walking around the town, going into shops, visiting national monuments, and lots of different restaurants. I love food, so that is the best part of traveling different places to me. Traveling together makes some of the best memories.


5. Have a Picnic then Star Gaze

Find a different park in your area and plan for a picnic. Don’t forget to grab your supplies at the store before you head out. We haven’t done this a lot recently, but I am looking foreword to being able to have more picnics this spring together. Grab your favorite foods to grill or even your favorite fast food and bring a blanket to sit on. You can also make it romantic by playing some music and dancing together. We also love bringing a frisbee to throw as well.


One of the most important parts of marriage and building a relationship with someone is by spending time with them and having fun with anything you do together. It’s so important to date your spouse and make them feel loved by adventuring together. I can’t wait for many adventures this spring with my hubby. I hope this helped you all to think of some new ideas for date nights this spring and I hope you all have a great weekend!




Top Stores to Shop Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals

As you all know, we are almost a week from Thanksgiving and I am realizing how fast time flies. That means that Black Friday/Cyber Monday Shopping is right around the corner. My favorite way to shop big sales like that are by shopping online in the comfort of my home with my pjs on. So I am mostly going to share with you all my favorite online black friday shopping deals. There are a lot of different stores that do Black Friday deals, but it’s hard to know which ones are the best. The easiest way to narrow down stores is to focus on Christmas gifts and what you are wanting to give to your family and friends. You can read my most recent post on gift ideas for him/her and I will be doing one for grandparents, in-laws, etc. this weekend too.

One of the top stores to shop Black Friday deals and especially Cyber Monday deals is Amazon. You can find any type of gift on there. There are some really cute items for fashion too. They are always having a deal on Amazon Echo’s and fit bits around Cyber Monday. What I recommend doing is getting an Amazon Prime Membership since you get free 2 day shipping on all items and a lot of times have access early to the sales. Things to look for in women’s fashion on black friday: cold weather hats, gloves, and scarfs, cardigans, sweaters, slipper, and fuzzy socks. Amazon Deals

A unique store to watch out for that does Black Friday Deals on clothing and accessories is The Pink Lily Boutique. They have great sweaters, cozy pullovers, holiday dresses/skirts, and cute shoes as well. You can also enter in right now to win a $500 gift card on Black Friday. Be sure to keep an eye out on my instagram stories for more about small boutiques that are having sales. Pink Lily Boutique

Target always has great Black Friday Deals, especially on electronics, toys, clothing, movies, and of course home decor. I saw lots of great sweaters and jackets for the holiday/winter season today that I am sure will be on sale for Black Friday. I will drop the links for some of my favorites here.

Aerie and American Eagle will also be great places to find good Black Friday deals. They have lots of cute Christmas pajamas and comfy clothes. They have the cutest joggers and sweatshirts right now too. American Eagle will more than likely have jeans on sale as well as sweaters. Their jeans are my favorite ones. American Eagle/Aerie

Hope this helps you all as you face the crazy shopping on Black Friday/Cyber Monday. To keep updated on the latest sales follow me on my instagram stories.

Gift Ideas for Him and Her

As you all know we are only 2 weeks away from Thanksgiving and only 7 weeks away from Christmas. It’s such an exciting time of year with lots of family gatherings, holiday parties, and fun. It can also be a stressful time for those who have trouble picking out gifts for the ones they love. I wanted to give you all a few different ideas on what to gift for your wife, husband, or significant other.


Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas/Top Favorite Sweaters for Fall

It’s hard to believe that we are already three weeks away from Thanksgiving. It is such a fun time of year with lots of family, food, and celebrating. I love thanksgiving and Christmas! It’s my favorite time of the year, since both my husband and I’s birthdays are right before thanksgiving and our anniversary is after it. I wanted to share with you all some outfit ideas for that special thanksgiving day and also some of my favorite sweaters for this fall/winter.

If your family gathering is more of a dressy occasion then I recommend going with a long sleeve dress or skirt. I love a nice long sleeve sweater dress or floral dress. You can find a lot of great dresses like this one from Francesca’s or Red Dress Boutique. If you live in a colder area then adding a pair of booties or OTK boots would look super cute and keep you warm.

If you’re family is having more of a casual gathering then I would recommend jeans and a nice sweater or pullover. This green sweater from Red Dress Boutique is one of my favorite with my OTK boots. It is made from a comfortable chenille material and even has a hoody. I also love this casual ivory sweater from Francesca’s. If you are going for a really casual outfit then I would go with a pullover. This one from Shop I Love Jewelry is my favorite and it is even monogrammed as well. It’s also a great Christmas gift.

Sweaters are perfect for this time of year, now that the temps have been dropping below 60 degrees. You can add a cute plaid scarf to any sweater too. I am a huge sweater fan! Some of my favorite sweaters are from Red Dress Boutique. They have cutest chenille sweaters! I added several of my top favorite sweaters from different stores. You can shop all of my favorites on this post.

I hope you all have a great Halloween and a great week!