Best places to find cheap flights

I wrote about some of my favorite places to find cheap flights online and also details about my outfit.


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Disclaimer: This is in no way an ad for any of these airlines, but personal opinion on which airlines I enjoy best. The links provided are public sites that take you to each airlines site if you choose to look.


I absolutely love traveling and love it when I find affordable flights. I just booked a flight to Florida at the end of September and I am literally counting down the days till I get to go. Florida is my second home and also where my family lives, so it has a special place in my heart. Plus, who doesn’t love the beach!

I wanted to share a couple of the sites I find cheap flights through and also a little about my travel experience. I will list them from my least favorite affordable airline to my favorite affordable airline.

#1 Frontier Airlines

My least favorite, but most affordable airline for flights to FL and east coast is Frontier Airlines. I recently booked through them, because I had received a travel voucher back in February. The pros for them, is if you belong to the discount den program you can get great deals like $20 one way. There non den member prices aren’t too bad either. The cons for them, some of their flight layovers and routes are strange. They sometimes route you to Denver to get you to your destination. Also, another con that I recently experienced is they can delay or cancel the flight due to the fact that their main hub is out west and temperatures etc. are not good during the winter. Back in February, my flight was canceled to FL, however they were really good at making sure I could get on another flight to get there later that day. If you live out west then this is definitely a great way to go for flights.

#2 Allegiant Airlines

Allegiant Airlines  is my second favorite for affordable airlines. They have decent prices on specific days of the week for their flights around $60-$100 one way ticket. They fly directly to FL from an airport that is only 30 minutes from us, however they only fly twice a week out of that airport so it makes scheduling difficult. They have several locations and destinations, especially in the east coast. Most of their flights are direct flights which I enjoy. The only complaint I have about their airline is they like to sometimes leave early which makes traveling stressful if you aren’t an early bird.

#3 Spirit Airlines

Spirit Airlines is my #1 favorite, although the closest airport to us is baltimore which makes for a long drive. They are very affordable, especially if you belong to their $9 fare club. They have several destinations including Cancun, Cabo, Jamaica and a couple other islands and out of country destinations. I have maybe ran into a flight delay with them once or twice before, but they are mostly on time. I can usually find round trip flights to FL for $60 and flights to Mexico for $300 round trip. So if you want an affordable airline, this would be my top pick.

My favorite way to look up flights and find the cheapest price is through google flights (Google Flights). They list the cheapest way first and you can pick any time of the year to look at. This is typically how I find the cheapest flights when looking for travel during the holidays or in a specific time range.

I linked my fun floral top from Francesca’s, kimono, and jeans from Banana Republic for you all. I am loving this floral top! How cute would it be for vacay with some shorts or a mini skirt and some wedges! It just hasn’t warmed up quite yet, so I am patiently waiting to bring out the shorts.

Let me know if you all would like me to write any more specifics on this topic! I’d love to hear from you what you’ve found is the best and cheapest way to get to a destination.





Adventurer at Heart

My heart for adventure and travel.

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Happy Wednesday! I hope you all are having a great week and enjoying the spring weather that is starting to come our way! I am so excited about the 70 degree weather that is coming this weekend!! That means lots of bike rides and adventuring for us!

The winter time is a really hard season for me. I yearn for warm weather and adventures. I recently realized how much I love traveling! Even if it means just going an hour away from home for a short weekend getaway.

I did get some traveling done this winter, I visited my family twice in Florida and that was such a nice break from the cold. We did a lot of fun things while we were down there, including going to Disney and shopping at one of my favorites stores, Bealls. My favorite part…warm weather and the beach!

My husband and I are going to be moving at the end of May which is keeping us very busy, but once we figure that out, we will start planning our vacay.  I would love to know if you all have any suggestions for a great place to vacay that is affordable and preferably next to a beach.

Back in October, we visited Jamaica and had a wonderful time! It was on of my favorite trips so far! We stayed at the Bahia Principe Resort in Runaway Bay and also got to enjoy Dunn River Falls. If you are traveling to Jamaica anytime soon I recommend doing the Dunn River Falls hike. Make sure to bring a tank top to throw over your swimsuit, grab some water shoes, and don’t bring a bag. Also, I will link a bag for your phone that allows you to take pictures of the falls and get it wet. (Phone seal bag)

I feel like I am always planning the next trip or vacay. Does anyone else love traveling?? I’d love some tips on how to find affordable vacations. I love the google flights to look for the cheapest flights to places, so I definitely recommend that!

Also, check out my shirt from H&M, it’s so perfect for spring! I got so many compliments on it so I wanted to share it and link it on here as well! I found it for $20 and it’s so comfy! I also, linked my jeans I found at Banana Republic.

I hope you all have a great week! Be sure to check back this weekend on some of our weekend adventures!



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One of my favorite places to shop

I have to confess, I love shopping!!! Read more on my favorite stores to shop.


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Francesca’s DressShoes,

Similar Dress

I have to confess, I love shopping!!! What girl doesn’t?! I even just love going into a store and trying on clothes for fun. What are some of your favorite stores to shop in?? I’d love to get some new ideas of places to go! So feel free to leave comments!

My favorite store currently is Francesca’s. I love their style and the clothes always fit me great too! I typically wear an XS in their clothes whether it’s shirts or dresses. I love everything lace, floral, and comfortable. Oh and I also love heels….I might own way too many.

The only bummer is I don’t have a Francesca’s local. The closest one is about an hour away, so it’s definitely a trip. I do a lot of shopping online, which is sometimes risky hoping that the clothes fit when you get them in. Recently, I have had pretty good luck with that. Below, pictured is a dress I ordered from Francesca’s online and I love it! It was one of only two left, so there is only 1 left, but there are still a lot of other cute dresses on their site. My shoes are from there, and are super comfortable so I linked them. I found several tops at their online store too that I will post in a later blog. So, if you are wondering where I find most of my clothes, that’s my store.

I also recently went into Target and found lots of cute clothes as well for really great prices. Including the dresses and shirts below. I will post a link for them on here as well!

On another note, I wanted to update you all on our house search. We have found a couple of houses to look at, but have not found the one yet. If anyone has any tips on house shopping, I’d love to hear them! We are new at it, so we are still trying to figure out how everything works. We are so incredibly excited about this and can’t wait to see where God takes us!!

Hope you all have a great weekend!


XOXO Autumn


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A few of my favorite things

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Wednesday is always a busy day, but I’m thankful that it means we are halfway through the week! I wanted to share with you all a few of my favorite beauty products that I use for hair and face. I get a lot of questions about what make up or hair products I use, so I figured I would let you all know and list them here.

I mostly use a brand called Senegence for my make up and skin care, since I have a sensitive face and value a high quality product. I love that their products are cruelty and gluten free, and the make up doesn’t smudge. I get my products for 40% off through them, so let me know if you’d like more info on that.

My favorite face wash right now is Senegence’s 3 in 1 cleanser. It not only works to cleanse, but it also exfoliates and tones your face. It’s detergent-free and contains volcanic ash. I also love using the neutrogena face wipes to clean off my make up at night.

Some of my favorite make up brushes are from Ulta beauty and elf which is a brand sold at Target. I love the soft texture of them and the blending brush from Ulta is the best for eyeshadow and even works well to blend my cream to powder eyeshadow. I have a picture of it below. I also posted the link to get the brushes!

I love using Senegence eyeshadows, foundation and lip color too. Their eyeshadows are a cream to powder base and blend really well, plus they last through sweat and swimming during the summer. The foundation is probably one of my favorites! It’s a cream base that matches to your skin tone, has SPF 15 in it, blends well, is not oily, and also lasts me almost a year on one bottle. The lip colors are pretty great too, they last me all day and I don’t have to worry about smudging it on clothes! My favorite lip color is Bella with Sand Gloss.

You can grab some of the eyeshadows and lip colors from me personally! I carry my own stock since I love the products so much!

What I like to use for my hair. I don’t use a whole lot, I’m pretty simple when it comes to hair. I use Biolage shampoo and conditioner for my hair and I alternate back and forth between the volumizing and hydrotherapy.  The volumizing is best in the summer and the hydrotherapy is best in the winter and spring when my hair is dryer. I use a hot tools curling iron that I found from Ulta and I love it! You can get the curling iron in an extra length barrel too. I use Garnier Fructis full control anti-humidity hairspray and I love the hold. (Links below for products)

I hope you all enjoyed this blog and that it helps you to maybe find a beauty product you like! Feel free to comment with any questions on where to find the make up and hair products!

Our Easter Adventures

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Thank you all so much for the wonderful ideas for Easter! We had a very good weekend and enjoyed our time together.

On Friday, we went apartment shopping, phone shopping, and shopping for me at H&M! I got a lot of cute and fun shirts for spring, check them out below. We waited way too long in Verizon to figure out what to do with my husbands phone, until one of the guys directed us to a local store that fixes phones. So we got the phone all figured out! Then we headed to Chick Fil A for some lunch, man do I love their fries and sweet tea!

Saturday was a busy day with our first gathering for our Church. We got to sing together for it and it was so much fun! I love being able to sing with my husband! After church, we headed to a local Japanese steakhouse called Aki. They have a pretty great hibachi in this area and they do a gluten free fried rice there which I love. I definitely recommend them for a local restaurant.

On Sunday morning, we had two more gatherings at our church, then headed home for leftovers with each other, pictures, and ended our night with Thor Ragnorak and cookies. Let me tell you, it was not easy catching our rabbit and keeping him in our arms while taking our family picture. Rabbits are almost like young kids, they try to jump out of your arms while you hold them and are hard to grab for the picture. I am pretty sure we chased our rabbit around for 5-8 mins trying to get him and he tried to jump out of my husbands arms once or twice. Ever since we got our rabbit, he has always been afraid of someone picking him up and I wish he would get over that.

My Easter dress is from Shein Love and I found my shoes at Francesca’s. They are super comfortable and affordable. I found them for $54! I posted the link below for the shoes. My watch is from Amazon and I believe my husband found it for $25!

I hope you all had a great weekend with family and friends! I also hope that you had some time to reflect on the reason for Easter and that Christ died on the cross for all of us and rose again to offer us all a free gift of salvation and eternal life with him.

Have a great week and check back soon for my favorite beauty tips and products I use!

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