Cruise to Mexico

We had such an amazing time on our cruise and I wanted to share some of the highlights with you all and also share about Royal Carribean and why we will continue to cruise with them. I am also going to share some of my favorite outfits I wore during the trip as well as some of the adventures.


We chose Royal Carribean as our cruise ship since we found out that in December through January they run a special of buy one get the second guest 60% off. So we got an incredible cruise for a bargain. We stuck with the inside cabin of our ship which was still very nice and spacious. Our ship was the Independence of the Seas which had just been remodeled last year. There were so many different events and activities to do on our ship including: Shows, Music, Art Auctions, Laser Tag, Arcade, Pools, Hot Tubs, Dance Parties, and even ice skating. We were very impressed with the entertainment level on Royal Carribean. Our favorite show was the musical Grease they had on board. We also enjoyed some dancing at the silent disco which is like a dance party, but with head phones and the ability to switch between two stations for two different types of music. This was one of the highlights from the ship since they played a lot of the classic party dance tunes. We also enjoyed the pool area and the hot tubs. There were two pools for adults and also two hot tubs as well.


The other amazing part of our trip was the food on the ship! We had assigned dining in the evenings and the food was always delicious and the service was amazing. We had the sweetest servers for our table. There was a formal night where we got to dress up and I wore this gorgeous floral maxi from Red Dress Boutique. They also had a great buffet for breakfast that we ate at as well as a pizza place. The pizza was so good and they even made me a gluten free pizza with vegan cheese so I could enjoy it. They had specialty dining, however we did not try any of that.


We also did some exploring in the two ports we stopped in Mexico including, Cozumel and Costa Maya. In Cozumel we went to the mainland of Mexico to see a mayan ruin called the Coba Pyramid and a Grand Cenote as well. The ferry to get over to the main land was not very fun though and you will need to take dramamine before it and also sit in the back of the ferry on the deck as well. They had to send one lady to the ER due to getting so sea sick from the ride. We then took a bus to a local mayan shop and the pyramid. The Coba Pyramid was such a neat experience with a lot of history and culture. We got to climb the pyramid which was a little scary, but worth the view at the top. The Cenote was a sink hole made up of limestone rock and it was really neat. We swam in the water which wasn’t too cold but definitely deep. In Costa Maya, we went to a local beach which was stunning and ate some authentic chicken tacos and chips. The food was really good and is less spicy than US Mexican food which I liked.



We had two days of just cruising which was so nice and relaxing. We spent lots of time laying out in the sun, walking around the ship, eating lots of food, and going to shows.


For most of the dinners, I wore a dress, skirt and top, or a romper. I wore comfortable sandals and wedges along with a cute straw bag I found on Amazon for $30. I linked all of my outfits, accessories, and beach essentials from the cruise here below.

Goldenrod DressBeige WedgesGold EarringsWhite EarringsGreen Floral DressRed RomperDenim ShortsBlack Target SuitBeige HeelsStraw Round PurseFloral One PieceSwimsuit Cover UpTurquoise EarringsBlack Floral SkirtOff The Shoulder Bikini,Beige ShoesPink TopRose Gold WatchBlack Wedges

We had an amazing time in Mexico and on our cruise! We would highly recommend sticking with Royal Caribbean. They did such an amazing job and are the best cruise we have been on yet.


Hope you all have an amazing week!




Favorite Skin Care Products/ Make up

Taking care of my skin has always been important to me, but until recently I hadn’t put in the effort that I needed to. I didn’t realize how many chemicals and other things are put into moisturizers and foundations and even something as simple as mascara. About two years ago, I made a switch in my make up and skin care routine and have seen amazing results since. I do have to be honest though, I do deal with adult acne now due to a hormonal imbalance from taking birth control pills. I am here to share with you all my skin care routine and favorite make up products.


Valentine’s Day Outfit Ideas

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. I wanted to share with you all some casual and dressy outfit ideas. Whether you are going on a fancy date or going out with your girlfriends or having a night in with your significant other I added many options to wear.


Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and a lot of you requested date ideas for it. I have included some of our favorite past Valentine’s Day Dates and also some other ideas as well. I also included a section for any ladies who don’t have a significant other around or are wanting to hang with the girls for a Galentine’s Day.


My Fitness Routine and Tips for a healthy lifestyle

This is a topic that I am so excited to share with you all! I have been passionate about fitness and healthy eating for over 3 years now. The most important rule I live by when it comes to a healthy lifestyle is balance. I try to let it go and not worry too much when I am unable to eat healthy or go through times of the year when I am not as committed to it, but I think that’s the beauty of living with balance. It’s okay to sometimes eat a chocolate chip cookie or a bunch of fries from Chick Fil A and I definitely want to encourage all of you to do that every now and then. To be honest, I am still working on trying to be okay with treating myself every now and then.  I try to live by the 80-20 rule, meaning 80% of the time I eat a really healthy meal, but 20% of the time I splurge and treat myself. I think the other important thing to remember, especially as a woman is that we are all beautiful, unique, and loved no matter what body type we have. So be confident in being yourself and who you are more than worrying about your body image.


In high school I often felt defeated and was bullied a lot so being confident in myself was not something that came natural to me. I have learned as I have grown up to always believe in myself and to trust that God thinks I am beautiful just as I am. I do believe that it is important to take care of my body though and to feed it well. I find that when I am eating well and living a healthy lifestyle both physically and mentally that I feel my best. I feel like the most important part of living healthy physically is your balanced diet.


My Fitness Routine:

My typical fitness routine for a week includes yoga, resistance/weights, and also cardio. I switch up between all of them in a week to get different muscle groups working. It’s always important when working out to mix up the muscle groups everyday. I mostly use Beachbody on Demand. My husband and I decided that spending the $100 for the whole year for access to a bunch of workouts was better for us as far as time and budget goes. My good friend Whitney Atkinson is a coach for Beachbody and I highly recommend her as a coach. She is so motivational and passionate about what she does. Some of my favorite workouts from Beachbody include the 21 day fix, 22 Minute Hard Corps, Core de Force, Piyo, and also Yoga Retreat. I use Yoga retreat once or twice a week due to having a back injury. I use 22 Minute Hard Corps for a good mix of cardio, abs and resistance. Every now and then Piyo for a lighter cardio and hiit workout. I love the programs since most are 20-30 minutes long and include a lot of body weight exercises.


I have also been recently using the Sweat App which has different workouts on there including ones with Kayla Itsines’. There are a different variety on there, but you do need more equipment for them. If you’re looking for something different and more challenging to do and have access to a gym then these are great workouts. I am hoping someday we can have our own gym in our house, but for now my living room works. They have a lot of different challenges for the Sweat App which makes it fun and engaging, plus you can turn on your own music too.


I typically try to work out 4-5 times a week on a typical week. On vacation it doesn’t happen often, especially on short vacations. We vary on times when we workout, although my husband and I are trying to get into a consistent schedule of working out in the mornings this year together since I work mostly in the evenings. If you have any questions about my fitness routine please feel free to message me or leave a comment.


Healthy Eating:

It is very challenging to eat healthy at times, but I feel much better when I eat healthy. I am definitely not always the best at eating healthy cause….Chick Fil A fries and sweet tea get me, but I try to eat well most of the time. My philosophy to eating healthy is about eating a balanced diet. So not cutting out carbs or fats, but rather eating the healthy carbs and fats. I think most people think that you have to cut out all carbs, fats, and sugars, but that isn’t true at all. I have tried almost every “diet” in the book and none of them worked for me. I think when I understood that eating healthy didn’t mean salad 24/7 and didn’t mean that I couldn’t enjoy carbs anymore is when I really stuck to eating healthy. It’s more about a mindset and having control over what you choose to eat. If you are trying to avoid certain things for cholestrol or other medical issues then this might not be the eating plan for you, but for an everyday person this is a great start for eating healthy.


So what do I eat on a daily basis??

For breakfast, I stick to eggs, ezekial muffins with almond butter and fruit on top, avocado toast, oatmeal with honey and fruit, omelets, and low sodium bacon….yes I did say bacon, just the low sodium kind. You can also do the uncured bacon or sausage and both of those are the best for you. I also stick to drinking water and one cup of coffee in the morning with almond milk creamer.


For lunches, I typically do stick to a salad with shrimp on it or chicken or I do leftovers from one of our dinners that week. I love making a simple spinach salad with nuts,avocado, veggies, and shrimp or chicken on top and use olive oil for some dressing. Olive oil is one of those good fats to eat. I am not the best person for lunches, but sometimes also do a lentil, veggie or bean soup for lunch on a cold day. I usually try to incorporate a carb in with every meal. I normally have some blue corn chips with my salad.


Our dinners constantly change, but we love making dinners in big portions so we always have leftovers. We love doing a simple chicken teriyaki and I use coconut aminos instead of soy sauce since it has less sodium. One of my favorite dinner meals we do is a cauliflower pizza crust. We buy a pre made one by Caulipowered and love it. It’s really easy to make. We use olive oil and pizza seasoning as our base and just add spinach, chicken, and cheese on top. We have lots of simple meals we make since we try to stick to a budget, but we always find unique recipes and ways to make healthy options.


I am so excited for this year and the many fitness/healthy eating goals my husband and I both have! Hope this was helpful for you all and let me know if you have any questions about workouts and or healthy eating tips! Follow along on my instagram stories for more updates on health and fitness.


Have a great weekend!