Favorite Summer Accessories

love summertime and wearing sundresses as you all know! I wanted to share some of my favorite simple accessories that go with several different outfits.

White Maxi DressTurquoise Tassel EarringsNude HeelsNude Wedges,White Embroidered PurseWhite Tassel EarringsTan SlidesStraw Crossbody

I hope you all have had a great weekend! I can’t believe how close we are to July 4th already. We had a fun weekend visiting Frederick, Md on Friday. We both have the day off so we usually take some time to go on a fun adventure together. I wanted to share with you all some of our favorite spots in Frederick and also some of my favorite summer accessories.

Frederick has a beautiful downtown with shops and restaurants. It also has a canal that runs right on the inside of the town. You can walk down there and grab a bite to eat or grab a favorite dessert at Cakes to Die For. We always make an effort to go there for a treat, they have amazing vegan/gluten free brownies. We are still trying out restaurants downtown, but a good place is Firestone’s. They make a lot of good food and can make anything gluten free there too. We also did a little bit of shopping for me at Francesca’s in Frederick. I will be sharing some of those looks in the next few weeks from there.

I love summertime and wearing sundresses as you all know! I wanted to share some of my favorite simple accessories that go with several different outfits.


One of my favorite trends this year is a straw crossbody bag. I love how you can wear it with jean shorts and a tank or with a maxi dress and heels. It’s so versatile for summer outfits. I shared my favorite one above from Amazon for $22 and a couple others I love.

I recently came across a white floral embroidered clutch at Francesca’s and I love it. It’s more of a dressier purse, but goes with any color. I got mine for $38 and linked it above.


I am loving all the statement earrings this year. I have probably bought five pairs in different colors. My current favorite place to find statement earrings is at Target. I found my white tassel earrings from there and recently my turquoise tassel earrings as well. They have different earrings and colors to choose from. The brand is called sugarfix by Baublebar. Most of the earrings run around $13-$15.


One of my favorite accessories is shoes. I am loving the espadrille wedges this year. I found a nude pair at J.Crew Factory on sale for $40. They normally run around $98, however J. Crew Factory normally runs a lot of sales and discounts. I found my black wedges at Charlotte Russe for $30. They normally have a lot of shoes at an affordable price.

I also love to find shoes that are comfortable and flat. My favorite place currently is Target. I found both my black sandals and my tan slides there for around $20. Both shoes run true to size and I linked both of them here for you.

I’d love to hear from you all what some of your favorite summer accessories are and what you are looking foreword to the most this summer! Hope you all had a great weekend!



Favorite Summer Finds

Sharing some of my favorite affordable summer fashion finds.

I wanted to share with you all some of my favorite affordable clothing and accessory finds for summer. Summer is getting closer and with the warmer temps recently it feels like summer outside already. I will link some of my favorites, including the outfit in my picture.

My first summer favorite are these tan slides I found at Target for $24. They are super comfortable and go with everything! They can be worn with shorts, pants, and dresses. I linked them here for you and I wear a size 6.5 in them. (Tan Slides )

My second favorite summer find are these White Tassel Earrings I found at Target as well for $13. They are Baublebar’s Sugarfix brand and go with everything! I linked both ones from Amazon NLCAC Women’s Beaded tassel earrings Long Fringe Drop Earrings Dangle White” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>Amazon White Tassel Earrings and from Target ones here White Tassel Earrings.

Another summer find are these Denim Floral Embroidered Shorts from Target for $24 and these White Denim Pants from Loft. The shorts go with any shirt, except a long shirt and I wear a size 2 in them. The white pants are super comfortable and go great with a jean jacket.

My absolute favorite summer find is this black and white gingham romper I found at American Eagle on sale for $40. It’s super comfortable and is perfect for a casual date. I wear a size XS for sizing reference. I linked the romper here Gingham Romper.

Also, check out these other cute accessories and shoes for summer from Amazon. Straw Ratan BagEspadrille WedgesSquare Ratan Crossbody bag



My hair tips and tricks

Sharing some of my hair tips and tricks and how to curl your hair.

Tan SlidesWhite Skinny JeansSimilar TopSimilar Top

White Tassel Earrings

I often get a lot of questions on how I curl my hair. I figured I would share a few of my tips and tricks and what products I use. It might come as a surprise to some people that I don’t use a wand and I rather use a regular curling iron for my hair.

I love my Hot Tools Curling Iron I found at Ulta. However, you can also find it on Amazon for cheaper (link above). I usually heat it up to 380 and it can go up to 430. I rather it not be full temp, especially since I have hair with body in it already. If you have straighter hair, I recommend heating it up a little hotter. You can also use heat protector spray if you want to protect your hair. I am still trying to find a good one for an affordable price.

After heating up my curling iron for 5-10 minutes, I take small pieces of hair and I curling backwards instead of forwards. This helps to get more of a natural curly look than tight curls. I part my hair to the side I want it on and then curl one side then the other. Usually my right side of hair has more hair on it since I part my hair that way. It’s okay if it’s uneven.

After I am done curling, I flip my hair over and run my fingers through it. I then flip it back to normal and tease in the part area and the sides towards the top of my hair for body. You can use a regular brush like this one (Hair Brush) or you can use a Tease Brush. Either works fine.

The last step, is I spray the curls a lot with my favorite hairspray. I also recommend hairspray for longer lasting curls, especially if you have straighter hair.

My biggest tip, is if you can avoid blow drying your hair before you curl it or take a shower at night and sleep on it wet, then that’s when I tend to get the best curls. It helps for more volume, especially if you struggle with getting volume. I also, recommend investing a little bit in your curling iron. It’s definitely worth it to spend more on a curling iron that works well and lasts for a long time then wasting your money on a cheap one.

If you all have any questions about how to curl your hair, please feel free to leave a comment on this post. I linked all the details on my outfit above and the hair tools I use for curling my hair.

Hope you all have an awesome weekend!



Hair Blog post


Behind the scenes of my D.C. adventures

Our adventures in D.C. Sharing my favorite locations and style.

Gingham FlatsSimilar Black ShirtJeans

This weekend was one for the books and also enjoyable with our spring weather finally showing up. I have been to D.C. several times, but hadn’t never seen the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History. It was a neat museum with lots of cool sites, including the hope diamond. One of my favorite sites to see there. Also, got my picture with my husband in front of the famous T-Rex from Night at the Museum.

After spending a couple of hours in the museum, we went to the national mall where you can see the national monument on one side and the capitol building on the other side. It is so neat to see both of those and reflect on our country. I am so thankful to live in such a great and beautiful country.

Our D.C. adventure ended at a local restaurant called the Protein Bar which had lots of healthy food and delicious smoothies. I definitely recommend this place for a quick bite to eat if you are trying to eat healthier.

Friday evening we enjoyed some ice cream and for me that meant non dairy Ben and Jerry’s ice cream (my new favorite is the peanut butter half baked) and watched The Greatest Showman (The Greatest Showman). One of my new favorite movies!  I love the singing and dancing in it and being a musical theatre fan makes it the perfect movie! I definitely recommend watching it, even if you aren’t into musicals. My husband loved it and is not a big musical fan.

Our weekend ended with some shopping at the outlets. I loved being able to shop and try on so many different styles. My favorite outlet stores are Loft, American Eagle, and JCrew. I posted links for all of my clothes in the pictures, including my fun gingham flats I wore in D.C. I normally wear a size XS in the tops and a size 2 in pants.

I hope you all had a fun weekend and enjoyed the outdoors some! Let me know in the comments if you all have any ideas for future blog posts and if you’d be interested in me sharing my hair tips and tricks.



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blog post-d.c.2


Weekend Fun!

A little glimpse into our weekends and fun adventures.


Yellow TopHigh Rise White Shorts

We finally had some really nice weather this weekend, so being a FL girl, I was so excited about the weather!! I swear I am destined to live on a beach all day everyday. Something about the warm weather makes me excited and more energetic!

Since it was a nice weekend, we got out on Friday afternoon and went to one of our favorite places, the C & O Canal. It’s a beautiful old canal that now has a towpath that you can walk and ride bikes. You can even rent bikes from them there and in the summer they do canal boat rides. I love biking so much, so it was definitely a fun day!

We then headed for ice cream, well ice cream for my hubby at bruster’s. I haven’t blogged about it yet, but I am gluten and dairy free. So ice cream is no bueno for me, except on the occasion when I want to just go for it at an organic ice cream place. So…we ended up stopping at the grocery store for one of my favorite ice cream bars. It’s a brand called So Delicious and they have the best dairy free ice cream bars! My favorite is the almond milk mocha fudge bars. Definitely try them if you are eating dairy free!

Also, check out my yellow top in the pictures! I found this cute thing at Francesca’s for $38. They are having a big sale this weekend, so grab those spring shirts and dresses now! For sizing reference, I am wearing an XS. They are doing a buy one get two 40% off. I linked the shirt above and some shorts that look similar to mine from Target. I am wearing a size 2 in the shorts.

Also, we ordered The Greatest Showman a month back and got it on Tuesday. We seriously love that movie SO much! I swear I could watch a bunch of times, so if you haven’t seen it yet, definitely check it out!

Hope you all enjoy this weekend and the nice weather!